37 Yrs Old and Ready for Augmentation. Costa Rica, CR

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I have spent the last 6 months researching...

I have spent the last 6 months researching surgeons, procedure types, various implants styles, manufacturers, patient experiences and reviews. I will be vacationing in Costa Rica this December and have decided to schedule with Dr. Victor Urzola to perform my surgery. I am very anxious but I'm also exited. The posts from fellow Real Self Members have helped a lot but there is still so little information to be gained by just surfing the internet alone. You often wonder if it is real people or just marketing that you see through online research.

Just about 2 Months from BA day, Currently a 36C looking to probably end up a 36D or 36DD

Starting to collect a care package to take along such as natural supplements to assist with immunity, fight bacteria, sleep aid, and an extra support bra. I think the more prepared I am the more comfortable I'll be traveling so far from home. Wondering what size I'll need for my extra support bra? Do you go up an average of 1 or two sizes with augmentation? Yes, of course it varies but I'm not looking to go huge just wanna go without a bra once in a while and have some great shape and cleavage even when I lay down. I really think my Doctor will know best once he sees my physique.

My Wish boobs 1 - 12

I'm 5'7 and 165 with pretty broad shoulders. These pics are beautiful but on quite smaller frames. None the less their my favorites.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

My procedure is not scheduled until 12/05/15. Dr. Victor Urzola was helpful in answering my questions during a phone consultation and then followed by a Skype meeting. This approach was helpful for me as it felt more like a face to face that I needed before I was ready to schedule the appointment.

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