Booked Facelift with Dr. Lev in Costa Rica for July 5th! - Costa Rica, CR

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After doing months of research on this site and...

After doing months of research on this site and several others, I have decided to book my facelift with Dr. Lev. My surgery is scheduled for July 5th 2017. I plan to stay at Verdeza.

Thanks for all the ladies for sharing your experiences, pictures and adventures. I plan to do the same for the benefit of others.

So far Didi (Dr. Lev's coordinator in the US) has been my contact on behalf of Dr. Lev. She has been great and responded to my questions quickly and to the point.

WOW, leaving to CR in 3 days!

I'm very excited that my time is around the corner. All my lab test has ben completed here in US and sent to Dr. Lev. Going thru my checklist to make sure I have everything ready!

Arrived at Costa Rica!

Arrived at Costa Rica on a direct flight from the US! So far everything as planned. Very good staying at Verdeza. Carlos picked me up at the airport. Appointment with Dr. Lev is this afternoon and ready for surgery tomorrow morning (July 5th)!

Surgery completed, now in recovery mode!

Thanks for all your comments. Sharing some pictures on the day after surgery. Now back to sleep.

Another picture from day after surgery

3rd day post operation

I was able to wash my hair for the first time. Still a lot of hard blood stick on my head but it will go away every day. I have to say that all this has been really hard. Nothing fun about how I feel post op. However, the constant pampering from everyone has been great . From Dr. Lev and the anesthesiologist, to the nurses at the clinic, and of course all the people at Verdeza have been outstanding.

I talked to my husband this morning and told him how hard is going thru the post op experience. I told him that I won't do anything like this again! It's just a painful process not only physically but mentally. More to come later.

Day #7 post-op

I appreciate all of you that have been following my journey. Thank you all! I finally was able to eat solid food yesterday. Previously I really tried but I was unable, they had to take the solid food back and bring me soup jelly or yogurt. I'm starting to feel a little better, not that I'm looking better but I see little progress. The first days are really long days and I felt like I needed someone with me 24/7. So my learning and suggestion is to have a family member for at least the first 5 days. I know that's not doable for everyone but I'll definitely do it that way.

The people at Verdeza really make a difference. No regrets on that and no regrets on using Dr. Lev and his team.

1 more pic from day 7

Still lots of swollen and bruised, I look like a boiled egg with no salt or pepper.

Day #9 post op

Here's a quick update on day #9 post-op. Still lots of inflammation and bruises. But I can see good progress and feeling much better. I took a mini tour to the mountains today with Carlos, my driver.

Tour at La Paz waterfalls.

Beautiful place at La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

Day 13 post op!

WOW, I can't believe it's being 12 days already since surgery. Those first 5 days go very slooooow, it feels like the clock doesn't move. Thank god everything is starting to feel normal again. I have an appointment this afternoon with Dr. Lev to remove the last set of stitches that are on my head. I think this should be the last appointment before going home Thursday!

Flying home today!!!!

Last day at Costa Rica. First time using makeup! Picture was taken yesterday, day 14 post op.
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