Lifestyle Lift - Lower Facelift and Neck Lift (And Extra $2000)

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I just had this "lower face lift"...

I just had this "lower face lift" performed two weeks ago. I was on the table when I learned that the neck lift was not included and would cost an extra $2000. The surgeon had a mini tantrum and declared that he did not want to operate at all. From the table I demanded, "Just give me what I paid for." He proceeded to inject me with a thousand needles. My face was savagely pulled right then left across the table. I was prostrate and breathless. The surgeon blew out and I was immediately walked to a car.

I saw the "doctor" only once again briefly (upon my insistance) a week later when the stitches were taken out by an assistant. The whole experience was cold and brisk but my face is very tight.


Updated May 20, 2010:

I had this, very violent, procedure March 24th and it is May 20th. I was on the operating table when the surgeon(?) said it would cost $2,000 more to tighten my neck. I refused and he proceeded to wrestle me back and forth to pull my face as tight as he could. He just fled the room and left an attendant to wrap my head. The next day a attendant unwrapped my head and the surgeon(?) looked briefly, nodded and fled. A week later an attendant removed stitches. I requested to see the surgeon(?) because of violent shooting pain. He said I had "old wax" in my ears. Weeks later, when I could bear having my ears touched I went to GP who said there was no wax in my ears. I am still in pain. My body is reacting to this insult. I have two, completely bald, spots on my head. Further, I have developed painful swollen lymph nodes on either side of my neck. It is painful to lay on my side as my ears hurt and turning my head side to side, up and down is uncomfortable. This "system" is a rip off. They are offering no miracle, but a plain and simple extreme lower face lift.

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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