Tattoo Removal Not Really Worth It - Costa Mesa, CA

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Hi, when i was younger (14) i hung around the...

hi, when i was younger (14) i hung around the wrong people and got alot of things tattooed i wish i hadn't. when i was 16. i had someone botched a tattoo on my arm. it was quite a large piece. i opted to get tattoo removal and began working my way to saving money for the removals which was 250 a session, i did about 13 sessions which faded alittle. and when i say A LITTLE i mean alittle. i was left with raised skin, keloids, and scars. needless to say i stopped going for the removals mostly because i was very financially unstable. i got a cover up over the tattoo. but there are still laser keloids on it.

so words of advice for those who are thinking about removal if you have the MONEY and patience for it, go for it. but if you are financially unstable. it is not worth it. i know how it feels to have something you don't like. but with this economy paying 250 a session each for a tattoo to fade maybe 2% each time is not worth it. the best thing to do is have patience, and wait for maybe a new method of tattoo removal to come.

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just tattoo removal in general, i am very skeptical about.

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