Has Anyone Had Success Reversing Damage Caused by Lasers? Costa Mesa, CA

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Just like so many others on here my once pretty...

Just like so many others on here my once pretty skin has been ruined by a series of 5 ipl treatments. And just like so many others I found out the hard way that lasers are RISKY to say the very least and can and in fact DO cause damage. Regardless of what these so called doctors say ( or don't say rather with their code of silence) it is not mere coincidence that so many of us are experiencing these adverse effects such as nasty skin texture, funky ugly lines, sagging skin, fat loss, enlarged pores. ....everything we NEVER had prior to being zapped by these machines that rob us from the face we once knew. This is NOT the face i had 6 months ago. I really want help. Please if anyone has had success stories of their face going back to normal or getting better I'd love to hear and get some advice. I am and always have been on a very healthy diet with loads of veggies, no meat, dairy or sugar. Tons of water. Take my Fish Oil and vitamins, etc. I ordered psoria gold a week ago and it has helped decrease the burning.

Angry skin

2 years. A little worse but not as bothered by it unless it is acting up. Still fluctuates a lot. Didn't think after 2 years it would still be so reactive but lasers can compromise your protective barrier and induce rosacea so I guess it is what it is. I sometimes think it's better to leave it alone. Trying new products like vit c or retinol seem to make it worse. But I wanted to try because some people have great luck. i just don't know anymore. Yes I miss my baby smooth poreless porcelain skin but there's no going back. The only thing is I wish it wasn't so darn sensitive and hurt sometimes. It's definitely not as bad burning as when it first happened!

Looking and feeling better

Skin has been looking and feeling better lately. Thank goodness. Not back to normal but definitely feels and looks better.
sid mirrafati

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