Best decision ever !!! Mommy Makeover with Dr. CHARBEL MEDAWAR in Dubai

My post Is mainly about the mommy makeover...

My post Is mainly about the mommy makeover recovery and choosing the right surgeon for that procedure. 
Hope that others will find my experience helpful.

Part 1
Choosing the right surgeon.

1st task after I decided  that I  want to go ahead with the procedure was  to find the right doctor.
Being an expat in Duba, finding the right doctor became  a major challenge for me.
 All that glitters is not gold couldn't apply better to a city more than Dubai.
In Dubai, highest prices do not mean that the surgeon is highly qualified and you definitely don't want to go with the less expensive option.

When choosing a PS I had 3 criteria to go by: Dr skills (scientific side), taste (artistic side )  and Dr approach (personality).

It is a painful and expensive procedure choosing the right surgeon was very important to me.

I chose Dr Charbel Medawar and 6 days post op  I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I would highly recommend Dr. Charbel medawar for any plastic surgery procedure ( He is the rhinoplasty king) and definitely  based on my personal experience a mommy makeover magician.

Here are the reasons Dr.charbel ticked all the the boxes for me

Skills: he is a very confident doctor without being arrogant.
He could do any procedures that can be safely combined.
With my TT? he used the quilting sutures method it reduces the collection of fluids leading to seroma during the recovery.
It takes more time to do it but it makes a big difference for the patient.
He also chose to inject some type of nerve block anesthetic which  basically made me pain free for the 1st 48 hrs.

Tatse: he goes for the natural look whether it is breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or fillers. He doesn't like the over done look. Some doctors suggested that why go natural " you paid for it, yous should flaunt it"
IMO, he has a very elegant  and refined taste.

Dr personality : no question was stupid or irrelevant.
He made the whole process from consultation and preop to post op very easy. He wasn't judgmental at all and even taught to like and appreciate some flaws that I hated about myself.
Ofc, you never plan to bombard ur surgeons with questions but there are some issues that will arise might arise during recovery like bad reaction to antibiotics or blocked drains...he helped me via the phone and saved me two painful unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Part 2 recovery 1st week

I read everywhere in this forum that patients prepare more for pre-op (researching the procedure, losing weight, finding a dr...) than about post-op. And I totally agree about that.
And I am not talking about having someone to care for you for the 1st week, I mean about the experience as a whole. Whether you like it or not, you will be dependent on others for basic activities.
You can't do anythg on your on.
My lovely Dr. Made me stay at the hospital 2 nights, it really helped.
Once I got home, I needed DH to help me with the set up pillows on bed, basic necessities within reach and what a relief when I was able to move on my own in and out of bed without DH help. I was even able to sit on the toilet seat on my own.
It is true I had a TT but I believe I will have the best thighs ever (I learned how to use my legsfor support- lol)

Plz keep in mind recovery is about making sure you will get the best possible results (not popping stitches, being active too soon or developing seromas...)
You can only do that by giving your body time to heal and using common sense.

Drains: I wanted them out asap..i didn't want to leave the hospital with drains, I was willing to stay 1 week in the hospital so I can leave without the drains.
What a waste of energy and lots of concern about sthg that seemed so important pre op and is basically nthg post-op.
Ofc, managing with them is not very convenient but I just had a TT, basically nthg is that convenient.
Again dearest doc, used the quilting sutures method, drains shouldn't stay long.
But my advice: the hospital is an artificial setting you should remove the drains when you are back at home, activities and how much you move affects how much comes out.
Drains might get clogged, it seemed the end of the world but it is easy to unclogg them on your own.

Pain: plz don't act heroic. Take pain meds for the 1st week.
I didn't take pain killers when I was at the hospital bec the Dr used a nerve block during surgery (can you tell how much I love my Dr?)
But when I went home, the pain levels went through the roof....if I had a choice between dealing with that much pain or parade in front of all all my friends, neighbors and colleagues in a string with my preop body I would have done that.
I used tramal and the pain was under control within few hours. It was a stupid decision from me.
TT is a painful procedure.
Dr. Charbel Medawar

Dr charbel Medawar

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