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Chose Dr. Richards of Bethesda, MD to perform my facelift. The scar placement was not where he told me it would be. See the pictures. Dr. Richards is a very charming man with a great personality. He did a very good job of removing a lot of the effects of time from my face. But I wish I had chosen a different doctor. If you look at the photos, the first one shows where the day before surgery after evaluating me in person, he himself drew the line indicating the placement of the incision going through the sideburn, inside the ear, continuing up HIGH BEHIND THE EAR AND EXITING INTO THE HAIRLINE. I was absolutely emphatic that I wanted a high and short scar placement going into the hairline as my wife had that type of scar on her lift by another doctor years prior. And so I provided a photo of myself, and he himself drew the ink line showing the scar placement. The second picture shows what he actually did. I was mortified when I woke up and saw it. The bad scar placement was and still is visible from clear across the room! The last two pictures show the scar revision I had done a year later at a cost of $1,800. It was more cost effective to get it done locally than to pay for plane fare, hotels, meals, and operating room fee. It is still not acceptable to me, and I may try for a second revision. Dr. Richards did NOT do what he said he was going to do. The doctor who did my revision locally was amazed the incision was placed where it was, particularly on a man. You decide if this is what you want. He did the same thing to my wife, even though another doctor seventeen years earlier had done a wonderful job placing the scar up high behind her ear, so she could still wear her hair up. It was marginal whether she needed a lift at all. So the excuse that I had a lot of lax skin just doesn't sit well with me, as she most certainly did not. Now she cannot wear her hair up without taking much time to use makeup to hide the scar. However, she is happy with the lip lift he did, and the permalip. The liposuction he did on us was alright, but we wouldn't do it again. He definitely ruined my wife's thighs and she will never be able wear a bathing suit again. She wanted the outside of her thighs slimmed, and he did the inside instead, leaving her deformed. We both came to his office with "before" photos, and detailed printed preferences, so we do not understand how this happened. I wish I had him sign and date the photo he drew on showing me the facial scar placement, because it is certainly NOT what I got! There is not a day that goes by that we are not reminded how we wish we had chosen another doctor. So an overall rating of three is what I feel is fair-a very-nice guy, but we are wearing his handiwork for life. So you decide from these photos if you'd want to wear it also.

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Dr. Franklin D. Richards of Bethesda MD performed my facelift in May, 2015. The considerable stack of releases I had to sign called it a “mini facelift.” When I questioned him on it, he assured me that it was the “real deal.” I am not sure what medical term that would be or how it would describe the procedure, but I was adamant that I did not want a mini facelift and he assured me that it was not. But by the “after” photos taken in August, 2016, I would say it was indeed a “mini facelift” as it absolutely gave mini results, but a maxi scar. My photos show my “after” results, and they are completely unsatisfactory to me. Overall, my wife and I spent $60,000 to go to Bethesda to have him perform our procedures, and we are devastated to see the permanent damage he caused—without giving us nearly the positive results we would have had with another doctor. The photos of the scar he gave me behind my ear speak volumes, but these “after” photos that show the considerable sagging and cording under my chin show how completely lacking the final result is. He did the same type of scar behind my wife’s ears.
I would also like to add that he says 95% of his procedures are done with local anesthesia and oral sedation—without the presence of an anesthesiologist. To have one there to administer general anesthesia had a price tag of $4,000 per procedure. We just couldn’t do that. The pills we were given did not always erase our memories of what happened, but we do know that we most certainly experienced it when it was happening.
My wife told me that she told the nurse as she being was wheeled into surgery “I’m still awake.” And she was told by the same nurse as she climbed onto the table, “Don’t worry, you won’t remember it anyway.” When she told me that, I was livid, and had more than a few words with Dr. Richards about that incident.
I noticed that after my review that was posted, photos with no write ups appeared in Dr. Richards’ reviews. Am I to assume that these are his work??? I am almost positive we saw one of the posted pictures on another doctor’s website. So how does one know for sure that the photos posted in a doctor’s reviews are indeed his work, or are we just to assume?

We researched many doctors and looked at a lot of “before” and “after” photos. We chose Franklin Richards because of all the good reviews on him. However, I will say that a week before our departure for Bethesda, we started to question whether the reviews were accurate, since there were very little specifics, but it was too late, we were committed. Certainly a lengthy negative review with photos carries much more weight in the mind of a prospective patient than a large number of superficial positive reviews.
Again, I will say that he appears to be a nice guy. But one can never know about anyone’s character with just a meeting or two, particularly if they are trying to sell you something. What I can say with certainty is that all we have to remember him by is the cost of $60,000 to see bad results in the mirror every day—the lack of results under my chin, the horrible scars, my wife’s newly bowed legs because he removed fat on the inside of her thighs and not the outside as she requested, and the scars behind her ears. We would rather have had less charm, and much better results—because after all, that is what we paid for and didn’t get.
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