36 Years Old, 3 Children, Diastatis Recti and Chronic Back Pain - Dubai, AE

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So. Tomorrow (Sat 16th July 2016) I go to have a...

So. Tomorrow (Sat 16th July 2016) I go to have a full abdominoplasty with lipo over my hips. I've tried many ways to get my stomach muscles to come back together naturally. But after 5.5 years of chronic back pain and an under active thyroid making it even trickier to fight the battle of the bulge, it's time for surgical help.

Feeling miles better

Today is Friday, tomorrow will mark a week post op. I'm feeling much better overall. Pain is much more manageable and I'm able to toddle about the house for (very) short walks. I spend most of the day in my recliner and am able to sleep in bed, propped up on lots of pillows. But I do need help getting in and out if bed.

A spot of bleeding - Friday 22nd July 2016

The only issue so far is that My husband noticed a spot if bleeding on my back this morning. It's come through the restraint corset. We realised it'd still bleeding when we readjusted my suit. We've contacted my surgeon and await response. My guess is that I've maybe broken a stitch? It's not causing any discomfort.

Aunt Flo, food and poop

Aunt Flo has made a short visit the days after surgery. Talk about kicking you while you're down! But thankfully I don't think I've swollen as much as usual.

And I hear first poop post op can be pretty nasty. In some cases rated akin to child birth. I'm glad it hasn't been for me. But it is a very odd sensation.

Pre op my surgeon asked me to stay carb free for the six weeks prior to surgery. I'm wheat intolerant too so cutting out more food has been taken some adjusting.

Post op my surgeon has asked me to continue with the carb free diet but also asked that I abstain from all dairy products too for the first month or so. Which means I'm essentially gluten, carb and dairy free. Thus greatly reduces the instances of internal bloating.

I tend to have an egg based breakfast, soup or some kind of chicken salad for lunch and fish and vegetables for dinner.

Initially I was struggling to eat enough so my husband has introduced nutri diet shakes as snacks to try and up my general intake. I've felt better for having them and feel my appetite has been slowly starting to increase.

Bandages off tomorrow

Eek! But nervous as tomorrow I get my bandages changes for the first time and will find out what lurks beneath. Wish me luck! ??

Oh my giddy aunt!

I'm feeling well on the mend. Feeling much stronger. I had the bandages off for the first time today (11 days post op) and was rather nervous. I needn't of been though. Hardly any bruising, healing well. It's like I've been graced with a new bod. And dare I say, that even though I'm still a bit swollen, I'm looking pretty darn amazing! ???? Possibly even bikini territory! Fabulous!

In the excitement I clean forgot to take photos but shall post before and after photos soon.
Dr Sahar Al Kazazz

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