Lipo & Facial Fat Grafting Followed by Hysterectomy & Extended TT - Toronto, ON

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48 year old mother of three 1 vaginal birth and 2...

48 year old mother of three 1 vaginal birth and 2 c sections - Doing a 2 step procedure. Full back, flanks, arms (incl underarm) liposuction along with facial fat grafting done on the 22nd of December. Two weeks later - January 6th having a hysterectomy and extended TT. I will post pics the night before my first surgery. I am really hoping to have a very smooth torso (both front and back) with a low scar that will be hidden in a bikini underwear. Thinking I should have requested inner thigh lipo as well for a more comfortable pant fitting but too late since I just paid in full for the procedures. I will keep everyone posted on my progress and thoughts.

Pre-Op Pictures

2 days Post OP from full back and arm Lipo and Facial Fat Transfer

My surgery began at 2:00pm Monday and was on my way home at 6pm, feeling well. I had my surgery at Dr. Kesarwani's clinic. Nurse Norma was amazing. She has a very calming demeanor and a very gental touch... so much so that I didn't even really feel the IV when it was put in my hand. Once out of Surgery Norma stayed by my side to help with the nausea i started to have. Once shot of gravel later I was good. Dr. Kesarwani came in to my preop room prior to the surgery to mark my face and back. Knowing I would have some last minute questions he was prepared to answer any last min. questions which he did and put me at ease. the surgery went very well from what I can see so far. I have minimal pain and bleeding in the lipo sites. My facial fat grafting has made my face really tight! There is quite a bit of swelling but only a little bruising under on eye and in the nasil folds. Arnica has helped considerably with the facial swelling. yesterday I hit a swelling plateau in my face but the arnica has decreased the swelling since then. I will be seeing my kids today so I washed my hair and put on a bit of makeup to hide the slight bruising. I sent a pick to my girlfriend today and she can't believe how great I look already. I will be able to have a shower tomorrow and will update everyone with some progress pics. OH and BTW - The most important part of this whole process has been the support, caring, and love from my wonderful Man. I couldn't have gone through this without him (he has always told me I looked sexy and wonderful to him regardless of surgery and he didn't think I needed to change anything)

3 Days Post-Op - lipo & FT

A little late in posting these 3 day PO Pics. All has been going well. I have been off of the pain meds since the beginning of day three. No pain really - just stiff with a bit of restricted arm movement(reaching my hands to the top of my head to wash my hair is a bit of a challenge - but doable). I love my garment very comfortable and easy to get on and off for showering and makes going to the washroom a breeze. I forgot to mention earlier that a female urinal is a must even in an easy garment like mine. There is no need to undue the crotch hooks when urinating I simply just push the fabric to one side and use the urinal standing BF had a good laugh when he saw me standing like a man peeing into the toilet for the first time hahaha. Besides the ease of using the urinal I have found that it has allowed my garment and my vajajay to stay super clean. I bought my female urinal at showcase for $5.00 - best investment ever!!!!
As you can see from my pics my thighs are super bruised however they are not painful at all. They truly look much worst then how they actually feel. The lipo was done in my flank area so the blood that has accumulated has been pushed down from the flanks to my thighs just below where the garment ends.
My biggest challenge so far has been the swelling in my hands due to the arm lipo. I am sleeping with my arms raised on pillows beside me to keep them elevated. Yesterday my BF and I went out shopping then went to nice restaurant for his Bday dinner. Afterwords some friends came over to celebrate. I felt great all day no pain. lots of energy but my hands looked like they were going to pop if I put a pin in them. I guess my body was telling me to slow down a little bit. Thankfully after drinking some pineapple juice last night and sleeping with my arms elevated again my hands were about 70% less swollen this morning.
My Facial fat grafting is coming along. I still have some big purple bruising around my mouth but the balance of my face is doing well. There is still quite a bit of swelling and my face feels really tight - smiling is a challenge. Mac studio make up helps with the coverup of the facial brusing. I was a bit worried if people would notice my face looking abnormal yesterday while out and about but no one seems to stare or look at me strangely so I guess to outsiders who don't no me might think the swelling is just me. My girlfriend's hubby mentioned after they left our house that he knew I had something done to my face (not sure what...but he thought I looked good regardless of what I did - they both thought I looked younger). These friends ours are very close to us and I am glad he / they could be honest with there response. With only 5 days into my FT The final results are a ways to go still. The swelling is coming along going down a bit each day.

Day 8 Post op / hysterectomy / Tummy tuck and Hernia repair

Hi Ladies,
I'm on day 8 Post op of hysterectomy, tummy tuck and hernia repair. I was in the hospital for 3 days of recuperation and now home. I have been off of pain meds since day 3 and occasionally take a Tylenol extra strengthen if needed. The hernia was a bit of a surprise and not scheduled for this operation however once the surgeon opened my torso he found it and fixed it. The hernia itself was in the upper part of my stomach between my rib cage just underneath my breasts. This hernia was the most painful part of my body to deal with after the surgery since I found it difficult to take deep breaths and keep down fluids. I was burping after everything I ate and drank (real nice for my hospital roommate :( )

I am still hunched over, have my drains in (they are still outputting a large amount of fluid) but Dr. Kesarwani did an amazing job overall. from my before pics you can see that the skin on my stomack skin was very tight (no stretch mark and real rolls of skin and fat unless I sat down grabbed a handful). I honestly thought, and even mentioned to Dr. K that it would be ok if he had to do a T line in order to keep the tummy tuck scar low so I could fit into a bikini underwear.
Dr. K made no promises but confidently said he thought he could avoid the t-line and still give me a the low incision I was hoping to have in the end. Needless to say with how my incision looks today I'm thrilled that Dr. K came through with giving me the low line I was looking for. I'm sure he spent extra time in the OR to make this happen.

The only negative I have as of today is that it appears my Belly button has not survived the TT. Dr. K is monitoring this to see what the out is going to be like. Needless to say - I am disappointed about this as it will add time to my complete healing. I am not disappointed with Dr. K as I know he is not a risk taker. I realize that sometimes things happen which are out of ones control and unplanned. From day one Dr. K has always been concerned about blood flow and skin death (I requested lipo to the upper and lower abs during the TT and he suggested this was not a good idea and if needed he would take care of any excess fat after a reasonable recovery period. As you can see he therefore takes a conservative approach on issues that could potentially cause Necrosis. My disappointment lies with all the extra time and energy this is going to take from both the PS and myself to get this cleared up. After reading so many Doctor's comments on RS and from RS individual blogs - once a hernia has been done the risk of BB death is quite a bit higher. Regardless the Hernia needed to be addressed and I could not afford to take another 6 weeks off of work to have this dealt with separately.

For those realself ladies with surgeries coming up I thought I would let you know what I have found to be a "must Have" for an easy recovery.
1) - a good support system - my BF has been a rock through all of this. he is very supportive and caring - changing my dressings daily, grocery shopping, cooking, and being my sounding board. - I love him:).
-A good support system through your PS office. Anita and Gabriella at Cosmedical have been wonderful to deal with and have taken care of everything I have inquired about.quickly and positively. Anita has called me while in the hospital to see how I was doing

2) A walker is a must - even if you can only afford to rent it for a week or two. The most important thing and the most difficult thing is to get up and move as soon as you can after surgery. I know it is very difficult due to pain but the more you walk the better you feel. Without my walker it would have been too taxing on my back. Now 8 days out I can walk to the washroom and kitchen without it but on day 3, 4, and 5 there was no way my back could have handled it.

3) a lift chair - a little more expensive (I rented mine for a month )but it has allowed me to stand up, sit down and sleep stress free . if there is no pain getting up you are more likely to move more often
3) I rented a toilet seat riser but found I don't need it.

I have more pics pre and post op that I will be sharing once I am able to edit them. I have attached a few for review for those interested. Looking at the before and after I am amazed at Dr. K's drawings on me the eveing before pre op and how he managed to close my torso with such a low incision given the very little lower belly fat I had .

1 month PO lipo - 15 day PO Extended TT, Hyterectomy, and Hernia repair

Hello everyone,
Finally able to have my first shower today since having a TT, hysterectomy and surprise hernia repair on January 6th. I have posted some updated pics for your review. Not quite standing 100% straight yet but hope that by the end of the week I'll get there.

I am so happy with Dr. Kesawrni's work. My incision is nice and low and can be easily covered up by one of my smallest pair of bikini underwear (front and sides hidden well). Due to the hernia repair I have had a bit of belly button death (not too uncommon when the two are done together)....but so far the necrosis is not nearly as bad as I expected thus. far. I am using Polysporin daily and covering the area until it has scabbed over. As you will notice in the pics I have red - cut / blister like marks from the steri strips used on my incision. I am just waiting to hear back from the doctor to see how he would like me to take care of this.

Even though I was still draining quite a bit of fluid from my left drain both drains were removed on the 19th. Surprisingly I didn't really feel any pain with them coming out. I am back to see the PS next week to review my progress one week out of drain removal.

Happy healing everyone.

4 Week Post Op - TT/MR, Hernia Repair and hysterctomy - BB Necrosis and Seroma

It's been a while so I thought I would post some new pics and give a update on my progress. I am very happy with the progress of my BB since I thought things would be much worse. The small amount of necrosis should be completely healed by next week. This issue was not nearly as bad as I initially thought probably because of the great f/up care I have received by Dr. Kesarwani. i have a Seroma which has been aspirated a few times and will probably need a few more drainage sessions in the upcoming weeks. Again, Dr. K has been great with his aftercare so I know I'm in good hands.
My incision line is nice a low and easily hidden in my low bikini underwear. The pics I am positing show some cuts/sores above the panty line. These cuts are from the tape covering my incision a few weeks back (the scar is well underneath the marks you see). . Due to my fair and sensitive skin I know it will take a few more weeks before the sores disappear.....time heals almost everything:)
Really happy with Dr. Kesarwani and his skill and aftercare.

6.5 Weeks Extended TT / Hysterectomy / Hernia / MR

Hello everyone,
It has been 6.5 weeks since my TT / Hysterectomy surgery and I thought it was time for an update. As per my previous posts there had been a few hiccups along the way with my recovery which has delayed my healing slightly but as with most things in life given enough time and patience things should mend eventually :) The slight BB necrosis has completely resolved with a bit of TLC (polysporin and gauge for aprox. 5 weeks). I realize this area will change over time until I am fully healed however with the results I am seeing today I can honestly say I am very pleased with the positioning, size and shape of my BB. The Seroma I have has been a pain a in the butt as it requires drainage several times a week :( It is located on the left side of my stomach just above my incision line. It is not painful but it has made my stomach look like a waterbed after a couple of days between drainage. Surprisingly, the swelling has not been localized like I have seen some women dealing with this type of issue but rather my mons becomes quite large and parts of my skin from the BB down does not seem to be attached as it should. My PS has been great at being on top of this issue and he is trying to avoid putting another drainage tube put back in. Having said this I am making some progress with the Seroma.

As of last week I have been able to take my binder off for sleeping :) You may notice I seem to be a bit more swollen in my updated pics. I believe this is due to swelling given my weight has remained withing a few pounds since the one month mark. Depending on the day I sometimes feel a little hunched over late in the evening. Perhaps the change in posture it from the Seroma building up or just my body being tired...I'm not sure but, I can say each day things get better :)

10 mth update TT

Just finished a lipo touch up with Dr. Kesarwani this week. I am happy with my TT results and should see some improvements over the next few weeks in my flank area. Suffered a bit of Belly button Necrosis shortly after surgery but you would never know by looking at the final result.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I have been a patient of Dr. Kesarwani for over 12 years having a variety of cosmetic surgeries done by him (replacement implants with slight lift - amazing job :) - along with some body liposuction). I have never felt rushed during my office visits especially with the many questions I have had given the scope of the two surgeries I will be going through in such a short period of time.

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