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On my way to turkey for FUE transplant with...

On my way to turkey for FUE transplant with Cosmedica. Mixed feeling....concern, excited, worried....scared due to the last attacks. Will try to keep you posted with all the information that I have been looking for in this site for the last year. Some of the questions I was able to fond the answer, for some others, everything still remains a mistery

First day

Well I have to say that everything went better than I was expecting. Even the first look is not so "scary" as I thought. They normally say that Cosmedica is technician's clinic. Well at least in my experience, I have been with the doctor the whole time, doctor and one or tw technicians. Painful? Not really, just the first aenesthesic.. later on, I even had a nap. I would post pictures of the first day, but I know and I am sure that most of us have seen thousand of after procedure, so I will try to post one tomorrow just for you to have an idea on how it looks. That was normally my main concern, now I guess it is too lat for that lol. Doctor and staff were friendly and even we had a translator that from time to time was checking on you to be sure that ev Ruthin was ok

First day after four

Well 3200 grafts.. Feeling a bit down. Not the same seeing it on pictures than having that red stuff all over your head... No pain and no swelling though

3 days after

Well.. Normally I could not find much information about the third day. I understand why. Looks better..dryer..but very itchy. So far I have been able to avoid the hat. I guess today is the day. It is sunny. I avoided as hair is so trimmed that makes you feel that hat will get spiked in it. The other option is going out at night lol. Also you cannot avoid being paranoid about damaging your valuable gtafts. Will do the second wash tonight and I am sure that will look better. It is less red and not swelling at all. Maybe I have been lucky with that. Another guy that I met there was quite swollen the day after.

Second wash

Looking better!

6th day!

Happy with it..itchy and donor area a bit painful still



Day 8

After gently massaging my hair, I have b realised that those white "stuff" are not so easy to be removed. Am I being too gentle in the washing? I guess that all n of us are a bit paranoic with not damaging the transplanted hair

9th day

Though I thought it was impossible..crust and scabs almost gone. I start looking like myself (with short hair lol)

11th day

Radness seems to have subsided. Not itchy and still no seeding. Fingers crossed. I am getting used to having hair now..lol.

15 days

Still a bit itchy... Front looks more crowded thsn crown. Donor area looks and feels ok

23 days after procedure

Front still slightly red, donor area itchy from time to time. Hair starting to seed ???????? now that I was used to having hair. Gutted

1 month

Well, not much seems to be happening. Seeding has kind of stopped so I am afraid I am going through that awful phase that I have hair in some places, little hair in some others and all the middle points in between. Itching has improved and I cannot feel any bothering sensation in general. Still a bit of redness.. And no much point in posting pictures in this moment as nothing looks to be changing.

5 weeks

Awful times lol... Seeding took place.. Some hairs growing up, some others missing... The hair needs to be trimmed but too short for scissors and according to doctor I should not trimm transplanted area in the first 6 months

2 months

Well.. Not much going on.. Looks like before surgery kind of. Cannot wait for hair to start growing though I am not sure if it has not started in the front. Crown looks like just before surgery. No redness, no itchiness... Nothing. I guess that this is just waiting game!

3 months

After 3 months things seems to be moving slowly. I admit though that where nothing was there before I can see the shadow of hair, but nothing amazing yet lol lol. Patience I guess

4 months

Mm think that something good is going on... No redness. No itchiness. Nothing

5 months

Well...After 5 months I think I can start seeing some results. I can walk by mirrors and not being put off by the sight of receeding front line. No much aware of crown, but today in the picture I could see it has improved. Maybe not as much as front line but I have been told that is kind of normal as less grafts are used in crown.

6 months after

After 6 months I can see an impressive improvement in front line. Not as much in crown, I guess that I will just have to wait longer.... Patience, patience...

So far..spot on!

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