Botox (In Upper Forehead) Works- but I Don't Like It

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I got Boxot 8 days ago from a trusted friend who...

I got Boxot 8 days ago from a trusted friend who is a nurse and works at a med spa. I got 12 units in the upper part of my forehead. Ever since then, I have been having anxiety, plus strange feelings in my face and in the muscles around me ears and below my eyes. The injections were not near these areas at all, but for some reason there are strange sensations in these places. I have also been much more anxious and a little depressed for the last week, which is very unlike me! I can only assume that this is related to the botox in some way. Either an actual result of the botox, or maybe i was so stressed about the results that I have been feeling crappy…

I started seeing results 3 days after the injections, and I am still seeing new results today, 8 days later! So, it takes a while to settle in! I am also really glad I got 12 units and not the standard 20 because it definitely spreads!!! It has moved down 2-3 cm and is affecting my eyebrows.

The visual results of my Botox are great! Smoothed out the upper half of my forehead and it looks subtle and natural, but the STRESS and little side effects were so bad that I wouldn't do it again!!! The anxiety, strange unexplained sensations, a headache the day after- it just isn’t worth it.

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