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*Treatment results may vary im new here and have questions..i have read... im new here and have questions..i have read alot of good and bad i am in the process of getting everything situated with Dr.M Carreon to have smart lipo done on my upper..lower..and pubic area done...i am 30 years young :) 5'4 and weigh 220 and mother of matter how hard i work out i cant seem to lose my belly..after having my son my tummy seems to have never i have given up.

When i read some article about this procedure im really exxxcited to do it...yet mostly 98 percent of the females on here dont really seem over weight to than again when i tell my friends what im going to have done they tell me im not over weight.

Soooo my questions you think smart lipo will work for me? im not a pain person at all! just when i got my gaul bladder taken (they used the laser to burn it out) i was out of wack for like 2 weeks..i cried because it hurt to walk..get up...and pick up my legs!! i have like zero tollarance for pain..i hate that im not going to be fully asleep and im scared because i know im such a baby when it comes to pain..also this massaging i keep reading about does everyone have to do that?

What if i want to wear the belts that make you sweat instead of the belts you get from the doctor will that be ok?? i just need some motavation and support thats why i joined this site..i will post pictures up soon of my now and once i make the appt.i will post more nervous and exxxxcited and scared..well you guys have a good day ill be back soon..any advice or opinions are appriciated ;)

Dr. M Carreon

so far everything with this doctor and staff has been awsome...

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