I Think I Might Have Two Ruptured Implants - Corpus Christi, TX

I think I might have two ruptured implants. I have...

I think I might have two ruptured implants. I have seen two surgeons. The first states that I have one implant ruptured, and that I will have to have both removed, wear drains in my chest and heal for about 3 months, then have new (saline) implants put in. He told me not to work until I have the surgery. The cost for both surgeries, $14,000.00.

The second Dr. stated that he suspected both implants were ruptured, and that he could remove them, and put in new (silicone) right away for $8,000.00.

It seems the two doctors are at different ends of the spectrum, so I have a third consultation this Friday. Neither has ordered imaging, but the second Dr. said he would look at my last mammogram.

Let me mention that I have had my implants since 1976. I am not in pain now although I do have twinges now and then. My breasts are not misshapen, nor do they feel any different to me. I am carrying on life as always.

I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you!

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