12 Year Dream Came True

When I was breast feeding I had the perfect...

When I was breast feeding I had the perfect breasts! I went from a B to a D but then leveled out at the perfect full C.

But then after weening, working out and losing 40 lbs I lost my breasts. I was not even filling out my 34a anymore. I wanted to not look like a boy in a sports bra

Yesterday I had 425cc silicone put in under the muscle. Dr Corbett is a phenomenal surgeon. It's way more painful than I thought but I finally know I won't be depressed when bathing suit shopping next year! I'll update photos soon. For now I'll post before photos

Day 3

Pain is still intense when I first wake up. Setting alarm to take meds in middle of the night is crucial! Finally got a shower and took off bandages and can breathe betters sports bra is so much more comfy.

Still really swollen on top and they look a little weird out of the bra. I'm hoping they don't shrink too much. Went from a 34A to C/D with 425cc HP mentor silicone under muscle

I miss sleeping on my side.

I'm getting frustrated with sleeping on the couch. I miss my bed and sleeping on my side. At first I was worried about the square look but my left breast is already dropping and softening. Right one is still a little high and puffy but not a "rock" anymore. Muscle relaxers seem to be helping w that

Swelling issue?

I got 425cc mentor silicone submuscular in each breast but my right breast is hard and more swollen. My surgeon Dr. Corbett is so awesome. He told me to text him a picture and was able to tell me it's just the muscle. I'm only taking one pain pill every 4 hours instead of two. Still taking muscle relaxer every 8. More tightness than pain. The left breast already is softening and dropping into place! Ready for my C cups!

Itching while healing!

So tonight I've been itchy. Not sure if it's from pain meds. I've been taking less so I awake more. But boobs are itchy and tingly. Anyone else have this?

Had the perfect boobs when breastfeeding 13 years...

Had the perfect boobs when breastfeeding 13 years ago. But after losing weight and working out, I was an A and losing even that

Saw Dr Lee Corbett and after much research had my surgery on 10/7. No fat or much natural tissue left so silicone it is! So far so good. Just keep on pain meds consistently

Backing off meds now

Still not pain free but greatly reduced painkillers. Going for Tylenol tomorrow with muscle relaxer. Pecs are still hard as a rock on the right side but left side is softening. Can't wait til they start to look like boobs!

Patience is not my virtue

It hasn't been a full week yet. But my house isn't cleaning itself lol. My kiddo turns 13 this weekend and we put her party off for now :(

I had to drive to the store to get a lax bc pain killers have me backed up for 6 days now :( driving isn't an option yet. The right arm is tight and I'm doing mild massage but I am getting impatient.

Hoping I don't have issues getting back to work Monday

Getting worried...one sided pain

Ok so 2 years ago I had rotator cuff surgery on right shoulder and developed adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder due to scar tissue) All of my pain is in my right breast and I cannot use my right arm as much as I can my left. My doc said scar tissue can't be forming already. But I need to know why this right breast is so much higher and still so much more swollen. The pain radiates To my shoulder blade and even my bicep. Is anyone else having this issue?

Squishy noise from right breast

Today while massaging my boob on the right side I heard you squishy noise. It freaked me out. Call my doctor because I have silicone and he said that he used Saline during the surgery to help clear the area and it's probably just some Saline fluid in the pocket working it's way out. He said it to worry about asymetry or hardness for 6 weeks because it takes that long to settle.
Still when you touch your breast and it sounds like you're squeezing the last bit out of a shampoo bottle it tends to freak you out!

Moving easier but now ...

I'm sick on top of it all. Sneezing is NOT fun right now. Boobs are dropping a bit more and Getting stitches out Wednesday. I thought I got 425 (so would look like 400 under muscle). They did 450 and I'm probably going to be a D instead of a C. Freaking out a bit but o hear so much about women wanting to go bigger later on....

Hematoma worry

My right boob pain is subsiding but my nipple is killing me. Hurts to wear a sports bra. My left is fine and I barely notice it. I'm not needing Percocet but I'm over feeling like I have constant PMS

Does anyone else see the lump on the right breast

If you had a hematoma....

What did you do until they drained it? Waiting on my PS to message me back (prob won't be Til morning) the top of my right breast has a oval shaped lump and my nipple is screaming :( I'm 8 Days post op
Took tylenol and am icing.

12 days out!

Finally starting to feel a bit better. Stitches coming out tomorrow. Pain is moving downward and isn't muscular now, it's the skin stretching near the nipple. Skin is getting shiny too. Anxiety and mood swings are leveling out and I think a lot of it was from all he meds I was taking: robaxin and Percocet. I'll update photos after stitches are out.

Condescending behavior

Went for stitch removal today. Surgeon acted like it was an inconvenience. My BF was w me and we both noticed he seemed super tired and cranky. He removed my stitch and then said I can return to whatever activity I wanted as long as it didn't hurt. And went to walk out. I said aren't you going to show me how to massage? And he told me it's worthless doesn't make a damn bit of difference. And I asked him about capsular constriction and he said that's only from infection. And to stay off the Internet because it's 40 years worth of rubbish bad stuff mixed in with good reviews. I'm thinking there are thousands of surgeons out there that recommend a, B, C why are you treating me like I'm stupid for asking! He also told me that things don't really "drop and fluff." it's just a muscle relaxing so they look rounder and softer but my implants are in place and will remain in the same spot for the rest of my life. Just made me feel stupid :(

Excellent surgeon but his bedside manner sucks.

My boyfriend said that he's always been like that: during consultation, when he talk to him after surgery, and even now. I found him informative and straightforward during consultation and don't remember seeing him at surgery other than when he said it's time to go back and he'd see me in there. But today I can definitely say I'm not happy with his bedside manner. But I guess his work is the only thing I need to be concerned with

Day 12 photos stitches out

Scars look great

Scar pain

My left side is fantastic. My right side (dominant) is being annoying. I have a lump of scar tissue. It itches and hurts at the same time. Doc says I'm fine. I know it's skin stretching bc I can see stretch marks forming so I'm putting on the moisturizer and mederma. I can't wait for it all to just get better

Inside suture question

So apparently itching and stinging feeling are the inside sutures healing. Anyone know how long this takes? My doc seemed annoyed at my questions last time (I'm sure he gets so many repeats) so trying not to bother him

Aereola changing

So obviously things have to stretch to make room unnoticed my right aereola has white spot that looks like it's seperating or stretching and my left had small bumps forming. I'm just looking forward to the 6 week mark when al this is supposed to go away

Becoming myself again

Finally worked out today. Walked 2 miles and did some lunges and skaters in my living room. Blood pumping irritates scars and my ribs still feel bruised but maybe I can lose these 10 lbs I've gained in the last two weeks by bit watching my diet and not working out! Need to make sure the bod looks fit for the new girls!!

Delayed rib pain?

Seems my pain is moving downwards. Mostly in my nipples now from where skin is stretching to accommodate implant. The skin below my breast and on my ribs hurts like hell on the right (which is the side that's been giving me fits) Then again I've been working out and doing yard work. Probably pulled a muscle. I'm not he brightest but I have boobs now!

Day 19 photos

Starting to drop and round out a bit. Still some squareness on top from pecs

Should've kept it more secret

Made the mistake of getting involved in a conversation about implants and people getting sick. Now I have someone throwing info at me about the Mentor implants and silicone poisoning and I'm freaking out :(

Suuuupeerrr Booobs lol

Happy Halloween weekend! Quick update. Still have some rib pain on right side but they are starting to "drop" and round out. Left is better than right. But I'm seeing some changes finally. Wearing a 36C right now (picked up a quick bra from Wm) but it's not perfect so going to get pro measure tomorrow

Official bra size

Went to Victoria's Secret and got measured. I am measuring at a 34D. I tried putting on a 30 6C and it wasn't as comfortable. So I got my first real bra today which is a 34D

Frustration with right breast 4 weeks

I'm 4 weeks today. My leftie is awesome my right is still in daily pain. I'm getting "rubber band snapping" sensation around my nipples and side. I can't raise my right arm and when I do it pulls. There is a "band" of skin or something that is under my breast when I raise my arm that looks like a tendon and my scar is lumpy. That muscle keeps spamming. I'm right handed so I keep telling myself that's what it is. Doc follow up in two weeks and I hate to call w questions bc he is so dismissive. Took a pic of the right side and all it looks like is a line in he pic. But it's really a raised area that resembles my Achilles' tendon


4 weeks and still too high. And they look pointy. My skin isn't wanting to stretch and it hurts all day every day. 2 more weeks Til 6 week follow up. And now I have a mondor cord. Not sure this was worth it :(

I did 450cc and 500 was my max and I still have space between my breasts. I wanted cleavage :(

Whining over

Back in a sports bra and it's helping

So I put my sports bra back on and it's helping w pain. Managed to do some light gardening (planted bulbs) and felt the nipple shocks but not as intensely. Did some walking on treadmill and some jump roping for cardio (once again...packed into sports bra). Sometimes we don't realize how much we use our pecs until we can't. No meds needed today so today is a good day. Oh and I lost 4 of the 8 lbs I gained while recovering the first two weeks.

Morning boob lol

I get a kick waking up every morning f wondering if this is what guys feel like...hard and sore lol. No wonder they are cranky. Girls are doing better. Used a sports bra all day yesterday. Wearing a regular today (highly recommend the VS lined plunge bra) to see if it's the support that makes them feel better. Will check in later.

As you can see from pics they are still too high on top and pointy. I'm so impatient but not as frustrated

Compared pictures :)

When I look in the mirror all I see is now... I forget to see how far I've come (which puts into perspective where I will end up)

I see noticeable changes. Bottom is rounding and filling out. Instead of a slope I have some rounding on top. Just. We'd to be patient and let skin stretch.

Nipple shocks have calmed. Nurse said it's nerve regeneration. 6 week follow up on Monday

Stalkers suck

My ex created a fake profile and I have to take off all my photos.

6 week follow up is today

It won't officially be 6 weeks Til Friday. But lots of positive changes. Starting to round out and "drop" more. Pain is almost gone except for nipple sensitivity and my mondor chord is almost gone! reaching ability is better too! Scars look great (using mederma) Found out I only got 425cc and not 450 lol.

6 week check up complete and...

I have to go back in 6 more weeks. Muscles on top still swollen. He said not to buy bras yet
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