revison on breasts - Coral Gables, FL

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So its been 4 months since my last surgery to be...

So its been 4 months since my last surgery to be honest and I am not happy at all with my results. I know the whole healing process takes a full year to heal but the shape, size, just everything doesn't look right you cant even really tell I did my boobs or have implants. I also discovered I had 2 lumps on my left breast... one is small of the side and other is near my nipple which feels huge. You cant see them but you can sure feel them. I did go see my surgeon and the news wasn't pretty. According to him 1 of the bumps could be implant related because of how the saline implant is.. which I really don't understand.. now the other lump he couldn't explain to me exactly what is was so he suggested that I go get a mammogram also a sonogram . At this point im just terrified about what it could be , hopefully nothing bad. Also he said I did need a revision because my boobs look very oddly shaped , the implants are in place so he said just the fact that my skin stretched out therefore my boobs look the way they do. he also suggested about putting more CC into my implant which im fine about because I wouldn't mind getting going a little bigger but this whole experience has been horrible for me. I just hope the 2nd time comes out good.
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