Breast Lift and Implant Revision, 41-years-old. Post MWL, Skin Quality Issues, out of Town Traveling to - Miami, FL

Dr. Freiman did my Mommy Makeover last June. From...

Dr. Freiman did my Mommy Makeover last June. From the onset, my asymmetry was obvious. However, Dr. Frieman was conservative and thoughtful. He allowed me a year to heal and settle. After contacting him that the asymmetry was still severe, he stood behind his work and is revising the breast lift for free. I am paying extra to get bigger implants now that my chest is stretched from previous surgery. He has been very communicative, thoughtful and kind during this whole process. He has never made me feel afraid that he would not honor his work or annoyed or indignant. He has been wonderful, open and I am excited to get these babies fixed and bigger!

4 days out!!!! Excited and nervous. How many CC's?????

I am so ready to get this over with. I am curious how many cc's I should get. I am at 304 now and want to go 500. I am a small D right now. Wonder where it will take me?

PREOP day before surgery.

Ok. Here is a fair review. I am not sure if Tatiana is very busy and they don't have enough help, but what a nightmare the paperwork fiasco can be. I email all the labs, EKG and Mammogram and no one can get it because she is not here today. So, I have to email all of it to them and do this while signing a mountain of paperwork. Then, they tell me I need a medical clearance when it was not marked off on the paperwork she sent me. So, I am sitting there thinking that I have paid for a recovery house, flight, all of the labs and now this? I was freaking out a little bit. They talked to the anesthesia doctor and he said my EKG and blood work was great, so he was ok with me not having one this time. I didn't have one last time for the whole Mommy Makeover?? Odd. Also, I have had a total hysterectomy and they still want a pregnancy test? Another little setback. So, they took more blood and said they would call at 4 p.m. or before with my surgery time. So, hopefully it is all ok. This makes your nerves crazy when this is happening and you are out of town. I am going to do a separate review for the CG Cosmetic Recovery House and Evelyn for any of you coming out of town and choosing that option. Well, wish me luck!!! Tomorrow is the big day.

Evelyn recovery house with CG Cosmetic

Here's some pics of recovery house with Evelyn at CG Cosmetic.

Mark ups and surgery in an hour!

Dr. Freiman came in all chipper and sweet! He agreed to 700 cc. so I am going a little over double from 304 cc. I am so excited. Lipo on back fat and some hips. For lumps. This place is clean as usual. Cleaner than most hospitals I have seen!

The pain!!! First day po-op pain!!!

As last time, the pain is horrible day one. It is about 3 am and I woke up slightly less sore. Snapped some pics and am swollen, bruised and HURTING! But so worth it in the end! Now, just to wait for end results. Boobs take a couple months to drop and sometimes you go through a spongebob square boob phase and Lopo swells take time. The end result, though? So worth it!

A little irked. Doctor changes plan and I find out hard way.

So, the one side is still bigger and I think in my mind that it will be okay because we decided to do 650 mL a one side that was bigger and 700 on the side that was smaller. Today I go over post op follow up and I am given the card for my breast implants warranty. I noticed that both of them are 700 high ultra high profile and this makes no sense to me. He did not do it he said he would do it now I am worried that it's going to continue to drop and be more asymmetrical any of them before. I am very frustrated . I am going to see him tomorrow and ask him what he was thinking. I don't know what he was thinking if he had some kind of issue with the pocket or created another envelope or something to cause him to change his mind but it would've been nice to know that. I am a little nervous now and hope that I don't have to come back again because I am tired of shelling out money and think should've been done right the first time. It really doesn't look like he took that much skin from the breast either and I am a little worried.

Doctor explained his choice. We are good now :) 700 cc Ultra High Profile

So, Dr. Freiman had a plan! I have to learn to trust my doctor a little more. It is just hard after a few times I have been burnt. He told me he tried the sizers in 650 cc and 700cc and they just looked better with both 700cc. He said the one size was swollen more because he took actual skin and did surgery on the lift so not to worry. I have to say....these babies are huge. I am excited to see the drop and fluff. They are getting prettier everyday. I was confused why he would use ultra high profile on my chest size (36-38) but he told me I needed more upper pole fullness and less side boob, so that is the choice he made. I had a small c to start and plenty of fleshy breast tissue to make these feel very nice. They are tight right now, but gorgeous.

So, the liposuction was all over the back and to eliminate the massive side boob and manback I had going on. When you have massive weight loss, it is common to retain the fat in the back and for us to have that weird look no matter how thin we get. It is a very stubborn area to get fat to leave. Dr. Freiman told me he went to town on that area. It looks like both sides of my body were attacked by a shark. I am purple and black all over. I am so excited to see what the results will be and I know it takes a couple of months. Hips were done too for the lumps and bumps.

Liposuction on backfat update.

I have gained 10 pounds! It is swelling and fluid retention because I can barely eat anything. I hurt so bad, it is hard to move and eating is just not on my mind. I got on the scale just to see and about had a heart attack. My clothes fit different and I know it water, but still, not easy to see that jump without a slight hissy fit. Anyway, here is a picture of before the lipo on back and two days later. I am more swollen now, but I can see a difference already. Cant wait for a few months to pass and the swelling to be gone and the slimmer back to emerge.

CG Cosmetics Office

For those of you who think this is a 3rd world Clinica with dirt everywhere or for people who were angry and reviewed it as such, I say no way. This place is not in a hospital. However, it is cleaner than most highly respected hospitals I have visited. The folks at CG Cosmetics are CLEAN and I was very impressed. Here are some pictures of the waiting room. I posted the inside clinic pictures in some other reviews. Spotless and well-maintained.

I will say this. Tatiana is overwhelmed and they need some help. They are disorganized and not on top of things like they should be. I feel it is because they are understaffed. I heard many other patients complain of the lack of organization and left and right hand knowing what the other was doing. The facilities are clean, doctors have high credentials. The administrative staff, however, are very unorganized and overwhelmed. This part is frustrating. You could tell the nursing staff was also frustrated with the lack of organization. If anything is going to hurt this business, it would be that.

I am falling in love with my breasts!

These are the boobs I have always wanted and only had when I was first nursing and engorged. They are big, perky, beautiful and I don't have a ton of side boob like I did. I am so glad I went with the ultra high profiles. It eliminated too much side boob, gave me beautiful upper pole fullness and I love the shape. I am seriously glad I went 700cc because each day I fall in love a little more. They just keep getting prettier and prettier.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freiman might be working part-time in a clinic, but he is highly educated, skilled and well-mannered. He gets in a "Taking Care of Business" mode and you have to gently tap him on the shoulder when he is in the zone. He responds well to intelligent discussion and he is very patient with worriers, like me. He has stood behind his work. My scars from Tummy Tuck are so thin. My breast scars are very faint. He is great with the scars and stitching and that is important. He is a nice mix of artistry and technicality. No, he doesn't hold your hand and cry with you for hours pre-op and I am glad. Those kind of doctors usually aren't technically minded and TRUST me you want that in a plastic surgeon. Talk to Mom about your feelings, you want your doctor to think. So far, Dr. Freiman has been conservative and thoughtful, but is willing to correct his work for no charge and you can feel safe that he stands behind what he does.

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