Breast Augmentation & Lift with Dr.Ary Krau - Coral Gables, FL

Hey everyone, I will be having a breast...

Hey everyone, I will be having a breast augmentation and anchor lift May 6th 2016 at coral gables cosmetic with Dr.Ary Krau. Hoping he can fix what a disaster of a chest I have . I will post story and updates and photos ! To sum it up I am roughly a dd34/D36 I hope to stay relatively the same size if not go a little bigger ! :) I have a lot of stretch marks and loose skin, one breast larger than the other, and LOTS of lose skin. My nipples are a centimetre and a half off, and just a complete fail altogether ! I currently weigh 145 hoping to drop 13-15 pounds by surgery date! Super excited !!!!! Just confused on CC size as I was not given much help with that . I don't know what a girl with my size breasts would need to achieve my desired look , so hoping he will give me further guidance ... I chose 400CC but thinking that was a mistake and I should go less maybe 275cc or 300cc tops

Not sure

Terrible bruising, bleeding and assymetryy:(

Not sure

More photos

20 days p.o

Still no Change in the other breast

Breasts looking much better

Breasts looking better one healing faster cause it didn't have as bad of a hematoma as the other

Still draining

Looking a little better

Each day that passes they seem to Get a little better ????
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Hello Everyone ! Met with my doctor Ary Krau in February of this year for consult to fix my chest. I previously had a reduction and lift that ended up being terrible and finally scraping together enough money to fix my disaster of a chest and get this procedure done ! Met with Ary he was very straight forward and let me know I would need an anchor lift and implants to get my desired look. He was so knowledgeable ! Cannot wait for surgery May 6th. I feel as though I can trust him , I just hope the decision to go through coral gables cosmetic centre was the right choice because I was not aware of his private practice. I will update with photos and my experience throughout ! I am traveling from Canada and am hoping everything goes well. Overall great first impression, and seems to know and specialize in breast procedures and has given me great confidence and trust.

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