CoolSculping lower abs and flanks, 37yo 1 kid

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Coolsculping lower abs and flanks, 37yo 1 kid

I'm a mom of a ten year old. I've gone up and down by about 15 pounds since having a baby. I'm at the high end of my weight currently. I'm 5'1" and weigh 120. Even at my lowest weight I've always carried weight in my abdomen, have never had a flat tummy. I looked in lips and coolsculpting. Lipo would have been great, but way more expensive and plus downtime/compression garments/follow up visits... etc... so yesterday I have coolsculpting done to my lower abs and flanks. I choose to treat half of the areas they suggested, so I can see ow my body reacts to the coolsculpting before spending any additional money. My total for a large applicator in knower abdomen and two regular (small? Not sure what is called) was $2400.
My experience was great! The Med Spa was clean and they staff were amazing. Everything was exactly what they said it wold be. No one tried to pressure me into treating additional areas and they even let me make a change to the treatment plan the day of. I was going to have upped and peer abs done, but requested flanks instead of upper abs. They switched around the machine and agreed to my plan with no hesitation.
M lower abs didn't hurt, not even a little. Even the massage (they used the Zwave machine?) didn't hurt. However, my flanks hurt like crazy upon application!! If I had started with the flanks, I may not have followed through with additional treatments. However within a couple minutes the pain was over.
Immediately I had zero bruising on my lower abs and terrible bruising on my flanks. My flanks are sore from the bruising, by no other pain. It only hurts when I touch them. I went back I normal activities yesterday after the procedure and he no issue going to work today, I'm not even taking ibuprofen or Tylenol.

1 week later

Right after the procedure I had a lot of dark bruising on my flanks. After one week that has almost disappeared. Days 1-3 the only pain I had was from the bruising in the flanks. Days 4-7 I have had "tingles" and skin sensitivity on my lower abdomen. No pain or anything on flanks. Sometimes the feeling in/on my lower abdomen is sharp little stings and other times my skin hits when I touch it. I've used arnica gel, ibuprofen, and ice packs. Not terribly painful, definitely worth it if I get results from the cool sculpting. I haven't measured, but I've noticed the skin on my owner abs is looser (I have stretch marks from pregnancy so know it won't skink to be flat). It's only been a week, so I'm surprised with the small results I've noticed so far.

11 days post Coolsculpting

I think my pain in going down finally. It's been 11 days since he procedure. I have very slight bruising on my flanks and tenderness in my lower abdomen. No real changes in measurement up or down. I don't think I experienced the selling others have talked about.

I haven't been exercising or dieting. I went to the gym once his week, which is close to my usual schedule. Now that he pain is going away, I think it's time to step up my exercise.

Pain gone

Pain is gone! Bruising almost gone. Done one inch... not 100% sure that wasn't just one of day or positioning, hopefully is really an inch!

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