57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

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57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

57 years old, mother of 2. I was always blessed with a flat stomach, even after having my 2 kids. Then menopause happened. I gained 7 - 10 pounds, but no matter how much I diet or exercise, I can't lose this spare tire. I thought about it for a year and finally decided to do something about it. I had my upper and lower abs done yesterday, and my flanks today. A total of 6 areas. The abs are definitely are more painful to treat. I had the small applicator on each side of my upper abs, and the large applicator on my lower. The procedure itself is pretty much as everyone describes; the initial suction and freezing are not pleasant, but certainly bearable. After my abs session yesterday i went shopping for about 2 hours and felt fine. After my flanks today I went to the office and worked and felt fine. I do feel very bloated and definitely tender. I took Arnica tablets 2 days prior to the procedure, and am continuing for at least the next week. Also using Arnica gel. I am also wearing a compression garment which is really helping. I am nervous about the day 4 - 5 pain that I have read so much about. Hopefully it won't happen to me. I am so anxious to see the results!

So far not bad! Except for the swelling;…

So far not bad! Except for the swelling; it reminds me of being pregnant! The pain has been bearable. Sore and tender to the touch. Feels a bit like a sunburn. I have been wearing compression during the day but so far have not needed it at night. I am still taking Arnica tablets and using arnica gel. I think it is helping. Still hoping I won't get that horrible nerve pain!

I have had minimal pain. Every once in…

I have had minimal pain. Every once in awhile I will feel a little zap but it is not painful, just annoying. I am still swollen and feeling discouraged about that. I thought the swelling would go down by now. My abs are tender and starting to feel itchy. I really hope this works! I uploaded pics from the day before my procedure. Forgot to mention that I am 5'5" I was 144 pounds but have gone up to 146 even though I have not changed my eating ????

Day 13. The swelling went down about 3…

Day 13. The swelling went down about 3 days ago, and my weight has returned to 144 (yay!) I do feel lucky because I never experienced that awful nerve pain. My abs are still slightly numb and a couple spots are still tender, but overall I feel fine. Now I am just waiting to see results!

See a slight improvement!

I am a little more 3 weeks out. I do see a difference in my side view! I took my own measurements (not sure how exact) and it seems I have lost 1/2 inch from around my belly button and about 1 inch from my lower abs. Weight has not changed. I still have a few tender spots on my abs but overall feel good. Hoping for even more shrinkage as the weeks go on!
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