42 year old 132 lb mom of 2 needs a slimmer belly

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42 year old 132 lb mom of 2 needs a slimmer belly

After much research I decided to spend my bonus money on coolscukpting. I sort of felt the consultant was a little carsales-y so I was nervous for the procedure wondering if it was a mistake. We will see! My weight has always fluctuated. I was 170 in high school, I took phentermine at 21 and dropped to --2 in 6 months. Then went up to 135 and used diet/exercise to get down to 112 again but 120 is the best weight for me. I was able to maintain it for 15 years and then had 2 kids! Now I need help. I have 10 more pounds to lose and they said I was a perfect candidate.

I'm about 20 hours post-procedure and I am SO SORE! This pain is a lot like after my c-sections. I've been wearing a compression tank and it has helped a lot. I don't have a before pic but I'll post my current pic later. My whole abdomen is SO swollen!!
I had 4 areas treated. Lower abs (both sides) and upper abs (both sides).
It took 4 hours.

48 hours post procedure and the swelling is…

48 hours post procedure and the swelling is less, thank god! But I'm still swollen and sore but not as sore as yesterday. Posting pics from 24 hours post procedure. I'll post an update on Saturday for a full week after. Fingers crossed! I feel a lot better that the swelling is down and am wearing compression tanks to help with swelling and pain. I'll start back on the treadmill or elliptical tonight.

3 days post-procedure today. The swelling…

3 days post-procedure today. The swelling is still annoying and I'm still wearing the compression tank. I did 30 mins on the elliptical yesterday with no pain or issues at all. I have a little bruising but nothing too terrible. My ribs and hip bones are tender.
Feeling is coming back a little more. Pins and needles. It's really not too annoying.

I just cannot wait for this swelling to be gone! That's what I get for treating 4 sections on my entire stomach! Lol!
I'll post updated pics on Saturday so it will be a full week comparison.

4 days post procedure. I read so many…

4 days post procedure. I read so many reviews where half complained about nerve pain at this stage and I was hoping I wouldn't succumb to that statistic. Yet here I am with stabbing stinging nerve pain. It sucks SO BAD and is making me cranky in every way. I had to sleep without my compression tank but during the day I need it.
The swelling is still going down so that's a plus.
I read some people only have this nerve pain for a day or two so I'm holding onto that hope!

Trying to edit to add photos from today.

I have to post again today. This nerve pain…

I have to post again today. This nerve pain is relentless. It has gotten so much worse throughout the day. It is like stinging electrical zaps either random or when I try to bend or really do anything. The compression tank on my skin is starting to feel like a nagging annoyance with these hyperactive nerves! If I take if off, I feel good for 30 mins and then it's a series of zaps and shocks in a different area so I put it back on.
The clinic offered to call in an Rx to help the nerve pain but I'm not keen taking new medications unless it's a drastic neccessity. We are now heading into the realm of drastic necessity but I'm trying to hold out. The nurse said this will resolve on its own so maybe today is just the worst day?

Dealing with this nerve pain is both physically and mentally exhausting. I'm cranky, I'm yelling at everyone (at work and at home), my house is a mess and bending to pick up toys is excruciating. I just can't do it. I can't.
I have to imagine this is still more tolerable than lipo or a major surgery. Drain tubes are disgusting so at least I'm not dealing with that. But this pain... it's like razor sharp daggers plunging into my dying fat cells and sliding across my nerve endings at the same time. Repeatedly. Even if this ends up being worth it, (I really hope it is) I'll never do it again. This pain is absolutely unreal.

Is this what fibromyalgia sufferers deal with on a daily basis? I'm not strong enough!

So today I'm still having nerve pain but…

So today I'm still having nerve pain but it's not as sharp as yesterday or last night. I had a terrible time sleeping so I'm hoping tonight will be easier. Most of the swelling is gone but my middle area is still a bit swollen. I'll post some pics from today. No change besides reduced swelling.

Day 6 post. The itching started last night…

Day 6 post. The itching started last night and it's so annoying!!! Anything touching my skin is so uncomfortable. I'm trying to find something that helps but so far no luck. I hope this goes away soon. I slept with an ice pack in my belly last night because it was the only way for the itching to stop!

7 day post - bloating mostly gone

I'm 7 day post. Still having nerve pain and extreme nerve sensitivity and firings but am able to manage it with ice and lidocaine. I have to keep on top of it or I'm miserable. Hoping it ends soon! Here are some pics. I see some difference already but I think it's just because the swelling is going away.

Day 9 update. I've scoured the internet…

Day 9 update. I've scoured the internet looking for the average day this nerve pain seems to dissipate and it's day 9-11. So I'm hopeful this is ending soon. I will say that last night was a bit better. My stomach felt burning pain but the shooting pains and electric shocks are mostly gone or just not as crippling as they were from day 6-8. I slept without a compression tank last night and the bloated heaviness is a lot better making it more comfortable. Massaging the area seems to help as does a hot shower.
I'm still using lidocaine and icing the area regularly but trying to ween off the ice in case it's just extending these nerve issues. Who knows.
I feel like there's improvements being made in my tummy. It seems smoother already. I am dieting and still on track to lose 5-7 more pounds so I can't wait to see what that combo brings at the 3-4 month mark!
I'm optimistic.

Day 11

The pain is soooo much better now! I'm still a bit swollen but my period is part of it. My tummy is still a bit sensitive to touch but no more shooting or stabbing pains. Definitely tolerable. I took some updated pics. I feel like my belly is smoothing out some already which I feel like is progress! I'm hoping to get back to working out tonight now that the nerve pain is subsiding.

2 Week Update

I've lost 2 pounds through dieting so far. Hoping that continues when I finally start exercising again. I know it's still too early to see CS results taking effect but I'm excited to see when they do since I intend to diet away about 5 more pounds.
Nerve pain has totally subsided but I do still have sensitivity to touch. I do massage the areas regularly which helps a lot.
I'll post again at the 4 week mark!

3 weeks post

Thought I'd share some 3 week post photos. Work has been crazy so I haven't worked out out all yet (my bad). My diet has been good, though. Usually I'd feel disgusting after not working out for a couple of weeks but after CS my clothes are fitting better and I'm already seeing some minor improvements. I'm optimistic and can't wait to see what the next weeks bring since that's when results should really be seen. These last few days have been the most comfortable as far as wearing jeans or anything snug against my belly. Finally. My belly button is still a bit itchy and a little bit sensitive.

Side by side

Here's a 24 hours post vs 3 weeks post photo comparison. I was bloated in the first pic but you can def see an improvement.

Almost 5 weeks!

Definitely seeing progress! I'll be 5 weeks post procedure tomorrow. So far I'm pleased with results and hope they continue in the next few weeks. I STILL haven't worked out (ashamed!) but intend to get back to it soon. Had a lot of life issues come up that has prevented me from making the time! But my diet is good. Limited carbs and no or very few sweets.

6 weeks!!

Definitely seeing results at 6 weeks! When I was 20 pounds lighter my stomach wasn't this flat. They say results START at 6 weeks so I'm really excited to see the next few weeks. I started exercising again but just a few times this week. Diet still good but yesterday I indulged in some Easter treats!

7 weeks!

7 weeks post! Pretty excited about the results thus far. I'm even a bit bloated due to pms in this 7w post pic! For me, this was definitely worth it. I still can feel a little bit of slight numbness when I rub lotion on my belly. I'm excited to see the next couple of weeks. And I still haven't worked out (man I suck, seriously) but I have kept active with the kids since the weather is so nice! I plan to start exercising (for real this time lol) this coming week.
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