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40 yr old, active mom of 3 who can't rid of sagging skin.


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Story Update

14 Mar 2017

1 days post op

42 yr old, active mom of 3 who can't rid of love handles

I'm a 42 year old mom of 3. I've actively been doing Crossfit for 7 years and eat about 90% Paleo. Unfortunately age, hormones, and genes are working against me and I can't seem to look as 'fit' as I would like. I have stubborn love handles and belly sag skin from just life. Decided it was time to do something about it. I heard about Cool Sculpting a few weeks back and after reading reviews decided to go for it.
Today was Day 1. I had the newer gel pad device so the suction wasn't too bad. Was relaxing watching Netflix. While the device was working. Had 4 areas they covered, 2 sides and 2 lower abs. After they pulled the device off, they rubbed each section. Ouch! It was painful. I am now wearing a compression belt, took Tylonel and am hoping for the best. I'll try to post profess pictures. I have the next procedure in another 4 weeks.

Story Update

15 Mar 2017

2 days post op

Day 2. Woke up more swollen (see picture)…

Day 2. Woke up more swollen (see picture) and super tender to touch. Ouch! Slept in my compression belt, which helped me sleep more comfortably. I alternated between putting Biofreeze spray and a mixture of peppermint/lavender oil on swollen skin throughout the day. That seemed to help ease the discomfort. Didn't do Crossfit as bending at the waist hurts. Instead I went to the pool (with compression belt under swim suit) and swimming in the cool water made me feel weightless. The pain eased as the day went on. Hopefully I can keep it manageable until the swelling is gone.

Pain scale: 3-4 Hurts a little more

Story Update

20 Mar 2017

7 days post op

Day 7 - About an inch of swelling still to…

Day 7 - About an inch of swelling still to go. Stopped wearing the compression belt yesterday and felt good. Jogged a little this morning but am still not ready for that. Was holding onto my stomach to help the discomfort. Other than that, I was fully back into working out deadlifting, handstand push-ups, etc. Still have to wear clothes that aren't tight around the waist, but that's fine. Looking forward to seeing the real results! I'll post an update again in a week.

Pain scale: 1-2 Hurts just a little bit