Cool Lipo on Saddlebags - St. Louis

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I had cool lipo performed on the 14th of Feb. It...

I had cool lipo performed on the 14th of Feb. It was on my saddlebags. I weigh around 125 and am 5'6" so I am thin, but my saddlebags were a huge problem for me. I could never find clothing to fit me.

It took about 3 hrs total. They took 800 cc (1 litre) of fat out of me. It was slightly painful and the leaking of fluid afterwards was frightening. I used over a bag of tampax pads to absorb the leakage, of course this is expected after the procedure, the slits in your skin are suppose to leak for about 24 -48 hours. They leak the fluid they fill you up with.

Later the pain was pretty bad. I had to use Vicadin for pain. I could not sit or sleep properly due to the incisions on my rear and sides, three in all on each leg. I am still in pain but it is worth it.. I cant believe how much it has changed my appearance. I have lost over 2 inches on each side.

I feel more confident and I can finally find clothes. I would do it a hundred times over. It was a huge success and the pain is worth the results. I have had more pain working out my hips and pain in shopping for pants than this. If you are thin and need a little help do it.

Dr. Ramos "Slim Image"

He was gentle and very nice, he really seemed like he loved what he did. His procedure was done professionally and with care.

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