Contour Threads Are Great for Subtle Corrections

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I had the contour thread lift done and I’m...

I had the contour thread lift done and I’m thrilled with the results. I went in with problems mostly with my lower face from my cheeks down to my neck. In total I was having six areas (three on each side) corrected with the contour threads.

My doctor is a certified plastic surgeon so I booked with him. I think it’s important to go to a doctor/surgeon no matter how small the procedure. He explained more than I wanted to know about the whole process, showed me the threads and demonstrated how they would work by grabbing the skin from underneath. I was nervous about the procedure itself but his thoroughness made me feel a lot better.

The actual procedure took a couple hours and required only local anaesthesia. Afterwards I felt okay, maybe a little groggy from the anaesthesia and being nervous, but I was fine that night and went back to work after the weekend. All told, my downtime was minimal and was mostly due to my own worries about looking strange in public for those first few days!

I’m thrilled with the results. It’s not as dramatic as a facelift but I didn’t want that - just something to help ease the effects of aging for a few years while I contemplate my next move. You can’t see the threads through my skin (I was worried about this) and the only comments I get from people are positive (most of them think I have been sleeping better or am taking a new vitamin to look “rejuvenated”).

I would never recommend this as an alternative to a facelift but if you are nervous about going all the way or don’t have a lot of saggy skin in the first place, contour threads are the way to go!
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