Sculptra Uneven Lumps "Nodules"

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I have had a vigorous immune response to this...

I have had a vigorous immune response to this product. It has been over a year and it is still all uneven and lumpy. Not the look I was going for. It looks like I have a disease, which I may actually have. The foreign body response sets of an inflammatory cascade that is both local and systemic. Steroid injections did not help.

I do not recommend this product. I used a board certified plastic surgeon who claims to be a qualified "trainer". From what I am learning If you buy a bottle of sculptra and have any kind of medical degree you can be a "trainer". There sure are alot of "trainers" in need of training.

I am learning that this may never go away without a difficult surgery. Also it still hurts. The inflammation is painful. Why was I not told about this? I think reading some of these negative outcome reviews should be mandatory prior to getting injectables with long lasting and not so pretty consequences.

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