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After reading several reviews on Invisalign on...

After reading several reviews on Invisalign on this website, I decided to try it myself and write about how I feel. At the consultation with my orthodontist, he had given me 3 different options to correct my teeth. He told me I could get traditional braces, Invisalign, or a generic form of Invisalign. I am 24 years old and had gotten traditional braces about 15 years ago. After not wearing my retainers (oops!) my teeth shifted. My insurance would not cover Invisalign so my orthodontist recommended the generic kind that would save me over $2000. Now, I read some reviews online saying never to go with the generic, but my orthodontist is a premier provider of both Invisalign and the generic. He told me that the only real differences were that Invisalign patented the technology that inscribes things onto your actual tray, and minimal things like that. The technology behind giving you a new smile was actually the same. So, I went with the generic brand and am only one week into my treatment right now.

So far, I am extremely pleased with my choice. Yes, it is a pain to take out the trays and brush your teeth every time you eat (and I'm a heavy snacker), but other than that I love it. During the first 2 days I was in a lot of pain but I didn't mind because I guess that means they are working. I also did develop a lisp which I still slightly have. I'm hoping as I progress during treatment I will get used to having so much plastic in my mouth and my speech will be corrected. Also, no attachments thus far! I'm sure once I receive those (if I have to) I won't be loving them so much. I'm not sure why I've read so many negative reviews online about these because so far I love it compared to the traditional metal braces. Then again, I'm only a week in so only time will tell.

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