Acne Scars on Chin, Fraxel Laser and Silk Peels - Connecticut, CT

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I have had acne scars on my chin for a very long...

I have had acne scars on my chin for a very long time and they have always bothered me. I signed up for 3 laser treatments that included 6 silk peels. The machine feels like elastics slapping you. After my first treatment my chin peeled a lot and I broke out with cystic acne( cystic acne on chin has always been my problem) it cleared up after a week. The second laser treatment I did not peel at all, and did not break out. The tech wasn't surprised and said this would happen because at first it was a shock to the skin . So far my chin looks smoother but the scars still remain. I have my 3rd treatment at the end of the month and it takes a month to see the actual results , here is my progress so far

Not worth it

The scars started looking a bit smoother for a while , but they come back exactly as they were after a couple months. Seems as though the lazor just swells them up for a bit, then it's back to what it was
Jane doe

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