Removing the Worst Decision of My Life - Connecticut, CT

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I had my first breast augmentation in 2010. I went...

I had my first breast augmentation in 2010. I went from a 34 full A to larger than a 34D, but I never had my chest accurately measured. Not only were the implants too large in the first surgery, it left me with completely numb breasts to this day. I had a revision to smaller implants with a different surgeon that even admitted that the first surgery was done poorly. It took him much longer than expected to make the smaller implants sit right in the hackjob done to my chest the first time, which left them sliding into my armpits and also left me with symmastia, or basically a uniboob. The skin pockets were basically too large for my chest wall.

It has been about 2 years since the second surgery, a year after the first, and although I will never feel my breasts again, I know that I want to get them out for good. It was better to have the smaller implants, but I still constantly feel pressure and skin tautness between my breasts, and occasionally feel sharp stabbing pains in the muscle. I can't sleep on my stomach with these water balloons, because I feel like I am lying on foreign, dead, numb tissue.

By far this was the worst thing I have ever done in my life. I am positive that explantation will be helpful, although I know that I will never be like my old self, especially because I can't feel anything and knew 4 months after my surgery that the sensation would never return to the skin of my breasts or nipples, despite being told to give it the arbitrary year.

I will update about how this all works out. At some point I plan to raise awareness of the complication of breast numbness, because I had never heard of it besides the nipple. When I raised the concern post-op, the first surgeon said, "Oh, most women don't care about that, they only care about the nipple." I'm not sure what women he is talking to, but this seems absurd to me. I would have taken legal action if this were not all far too emotionally upsetting. As of now I can only hope that explantation will bring me closer to my original state.

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I am unsure what the explantation will cost (I had to put a number)

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