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I had really nice breasts until I hit menopause....

I had really nice breasts until I hit menopause. Then,they got HUGE! I'm 5'7", 125 pounds, very small bones and frame. I HATED those melons - so 6 days ago I went from an E to a B!

I am really thrilled with the outcome. I was a little uncomfortable Monday night and Tuesday - and afraid to flap my arms around, or sleep on my side, in case I "pulled" something and caused a hematoma - but I took only extra strength Tylenol. It wasn't painful - just "soreness".

I'm a plastic surgery operating room nurse and have worked in Plastics for 25 years - so I know breast surgery well. I can't believe I finally had the chutzpah to do it!

My surgeon was not the one I worked with for ten years. He was referred by my family physician. I had asked him if he would send his wife there - and his answer was "yes!".

Today, my chest is purple, yellow, green and blue. I'm a stellar bruiser. But that's just me. I put on one of my old bras yesterday and gathered it all up in the front. Wow! Looking forward to having my jackets meet in the middle without gaping. A t shirt in summer without harnessing "the girls" - and still having them preceding me through the door. Hunching my shoulders, carrying big handbags and not having men ogling me as I walked down the street.

Manchester Plastic Surgeon

This man is an artist. He is also meticulous in his work. My surgery took five hours. He didn't take the sloppy approach and just remove the lower breast tissue. He removed tissue from above the nipples and from both lateral and inferior planes as well, to create a normally shaped breast mound. Would I recommend him to others - you bet I would!!

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