23 Year Old Male Needing Tummy Tuck After 130 Pound Weight Loss - Concord, NC

Well I finally did it! After weeks of reading, 6...

Well I finally did it! After weeks of reading, 6 consultations and hours of thinking, I have finally chosen my plastic surgeon. Dual board certified in plastics and general. Staff is amazing and the doctor was awesome! I chose dr Klein in concord, right outside Charlotte nc. I am so excited to get this skin removed so I can feel confidant and be able to take my shirt off in public. This stomach hasn't seen sun in over 10 years! Thank you everyone on here; doctors and patients because without realself I would have been so lost !!

Beyond excited !

So my wife decided to surprise me and set up a gofund me account for my birthday and it's been going great ! I thought it would be tacky but so many people know my story and are excited to help!


After going back and fourth I decided to go ahead and het this done also while I'm under the knife.
Concord Plastic Surgeon

So far he is awesome and j can not wait to get it done !

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