FULL B Only- 5 augmentations in 14 months . Concord, MA

For 20 years I have wanted implants, but never...

For 20 years I have wanted implants, but never wanted to ruin my little boobies, because they were kinda pretty. fast forward to 39 years old, mid life, and breast fed 2 kids. I am a small A cup with a large nipple. I've decided that life is too short not to try having the boobs I dreamed about. I am also fighting to stay youthful, and I feel the need to treat myself after having 2 kids! ha! I went to 3, almost 4 consultations with Body by Z, Dr. Zenowicz from Providence (does armpit boobs-hot staff-all have huge lips and boobs), RI, Dr. Kluckie in Fall River, Ma.(he only goes over muscle-seems not to know new techniques), and today, Dr Brooke Sekel, who fit all my requirements in Concord, Ma. I have cancelled my last consult with Dr. Sumner Slavin because I definitely feel at home with Dr. Sekel. And guess what it's my lucky day! having waited 3 months for a consult, they had a cancellation for a May 26 BA surgery opening! I grabbed it! Here goes! He is educated, not pushy, classy, the office and staff were professional and they all had boobies! I also choose him because I want conservative sized breasts! I have a big natural butt, and fake lips, so I don't want huge fake boobs, too! I am 39, 5'5, and 137 pounds. Curvy. I am looking at 250 or 275cc ONLY. He will bring both into the surgery room. Opinions please? I want classy looking implants, not big boobs. attached are photos of me before, naked, and in the sizers at his office.

A cup selfies

I'm so scared!!!! The confusion is setting in! Deposit is paid. Size?!?!

250cc sizer inside bra

Okay peeps you all are telling me to go 300 350 I only want the full B I want small fake looking boobs my doctor thinks 250 is the answer but he will bring 275 in the room..... These sizers look a c to me


Here I go!

Did it!

2nd day! I love them!

Def sore, tired, nausea.
Dr Seckel is an artist! He gave me exactly what I asked for!

1 week out! Swollen?!

I love my boobs definitely an improvement but my full B cup looks like a full C and I'm not sure how to feel yet! Swollen for sure! ;))) I am happy.


So uncomfortable at 9 days

Ugh! Stiff sore chills darts !!

250cc & 275cc looks like way bigger.

I'm getting anxiety over these! I'm completely swollen.


Seem or feel larger than the cc I got!

Thoughts? 250/275 L/R

2 week update with the cutest bow tie wearing dr. Seckel & his hot younger doctor partner & the fashionable dr Doherty

Okay so I've decided I'm not gonna post again for another month - everything is perfect with my breasts but they are swollen and I need to be patient! Dr Seckel did an amazing job & assured me they will drop a 1/2 cup at least back to the full b we did during surgery. I am totally confident in him and think he is the sweetest/best Boston doctor around!! He kissed my fourhead today to reassure me they will drop in 3 months time, and even squeezed my nipples to make sure the sensation is back. Lol. Five star surgeon. If they become the perfect B I asked for, 10 years from now he has my business for my facelift at 50! ;). Cheers to all u booby girls, I'll post more pics in 1 month. Very grateful for choosing him.

Almost 1 month in!

Okay so it's still kind of a roller coaster they've gotten very soft but I still feel swollen! I love them so much, but some days they feel too big still! I am SO grateful I never was persuaded to go larger than 275cc (I have one 250cc, 1 275cc-and I can tell) here are photos!

One month, 1 week in!

Hello! Today I went to my last appt with dr Seckel & I brought him 2 bow ties I bought for him- 1 for each boob he did so well! Ha! Loving my boobs, still swollen, a tad bigger than expected, but they are stunning, beautiful, & symmetrical. Again, very grateful for good work!!!!!! I even got him to take a photo with me! ;). Not super impressed with my juvederm in cheeks, just didn't last on me, but I appreciate he addressed my melasma issue today & gave me a bleach cream & plan to do IPL laser soon.

Almost 3 months in!

Boobs are great, def got more confidence as I age - esp after having kids. Breasts have not dropped & are still quite firm. I was expecting them to drop & get softer but it hasn't happened- I think I heal slowly. Again I am so glad I did not go bigger than the 250cc & 275cc I have, in fact I would have been happy with 225cc. If I had gone with the 300cc the other surgeons all recommended I would have been so unhappy. Good experience. Happy camper. Still feels hard & sometimes a stretched feeling but they look incredible. For my anniversary I wore a Herve leger bandage dress & I felt so proud during dinner of my chest- here's a few photos.

Update on my pretty boobs

So everybody I kept waiting for my breast to drop and they never did-- I had my surgery in may 28, by October I knew there was something wrong. Both always felt tight and swollen but my right side started riding high due to capsular contraction and possibly pocket size -- so we scheduled surgery for 1 boob only in November & it was re done. Guess what?? Now the left is acting up - most likely the same exact thing and I'm going to have to do a third surgery in February. Probably three surgeries in less than six months. Scars, inconvenient, afraid I'm only one under his care who got this Capaular contraction crap !!! 2 kids under 4 to care for, totally annoying !!! I want to tell anybody who reads my blog make sure you buy the $250 implants insurance !!!!!! Dr Seckel is most definitely accommodating me to the highest degree but all of this is super devastating. Tears & plastic surgery! The quest for beauty - to enhance self esteem- even a little gift from hubby at 40- is certainly becoming a true nuisance.
My implants both are/were riding high & causing mild pain. Both are/were rock hard. I'm showing u what implants look like from being pushed upward.

I'm thankful to the doctor for assessing my needs & probably going above & beyond to "fix" this issue. I absolutely didn't spend 7500. To have hard silicone breasts.

My photos were perfect - but reality is that now I may need a 3rd revision on left breast - it seems while he fixed the right one the other one got aggravated and acted up shortly after surgery in November.

Wish me luck - I'm not giving up yet - even though at one point I wanted them out!

Riding high in September.

This is what both breast looked like 4 months after my initial surgery. Riding high. Hard to touch. Moving towards armpits.

My right side fixed- now left doing same thing.

In my mind I knew both breasts needed revision, but we decided to do only the 1 that was really obvious. Now in these pics he fixed the right & now left is riding high. Most likely I will be doing a 3rd surgery by February. Dr Seckel is accommodating me & feels so bad I'm one of the few he's ever seen this happen too.
Gonna give this one more shot!!!! Cuz I love my breasts! I just want soft squishy ones!!!!! ;)

My breast is ruined. Just an emotionally draining experience- 5 breast augmentations

Dr. Seckel & Dr. N & Dr Doherty and his staff have tried so hard to accommodate me & it's just gotten worse than the last surgery. I have one perfect breast in the other breast is completely deformed and looks like a breast cancer patient. I cry every day. I waited 20 years to get breast implants and I'm that person that has had five procedures and I will need a sixth. These photos are from the latest surgery and it is absolutely unacceptable. Devastated. I was ready to move on after number four but I gave one more chance.

Seroma then drainage - my scar burst. Horrendous experience

I am praying that I can be fixed

Tears & Weightloss & depression from 5 surgeries

Today is one month since my 4th breast surgery on one boob only. But 5 surgeries in total. Only 1 breast deformed. The nipple is being sucked in & the side view is abhorable. I can't even look at without crying.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Brooke Sekel, Concord, Ma.

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