Dr Seckel Dr Narsimhan Dr Doherty RUINED me!! - 5 augmentations in 14 months . Concord, MA

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For 20 years I have wanted implants, but never...

For 20 years I have wanted implants, but never wanted to ruin my little boobies, because they were kinda pretty. fast forward to 39 years old, mid life, and breast fed 2 kids. I am a small A cup with a large nipple. I've decided that life is too short not to try having the boobs I dreamed about. I am also fighting to stay youthful, and I feel the need to treat myself after having 2 kids! ha! I went to 3, almost 4 consultations with Body by Z, Dr. Zenowicz from Providence (does armpit boobs-hot staff-all have huge lips and boobs), RI, Dr. Kluckie in Fall River, Ma.(he only goes over muscle-seems not to know new techniques), and today, Dr Brooke Sekel, who fit all my requirements in Concord, Ma. I have cancelled my last consult with Dr. Sumner Slavin because I definitely feel at home with Dr. Sekel. And guess what it's my lucky day! having waited 3 months for a consult, they had a cancellation for a May 26 BA surgery opening! I grabbed it! Here goes! He is educated, not pushy, classy, the office and staff were professional and they all had boobies! I also choose him because I want conservative sized breasts! I have a big natural butt, and fake lips, so I don't want huge fake boobs, too! I am 39, 5'5, and 137 pounds. Curvy. I am looking at 250 or 275cc ONLY. He will bring both into the surgery room. Opinions please? I want classy looking implants, not big boobs. attached are photos of me before, naked, and in the sizers at his office.

A cup selfies

I'm so scared!!!! The confusion is setting in! Deposit is paid. Size?!?!

250cc sizer inside bra

Okay peeps you all are telling me to go 300 350 I only want the full B I want small fake looking boobs my doctor thinks 250 is the answer but he will bring 275 in the room..... These sizers look a c to me


Here I go!

Did it!

2nd day! I love them!

Def sore, tired, nausea.
Dr Seckel is an artist! He gave me exactly what I asked for!

1 week out! Swollen?!

I love my boobs definitely an improvement but my full B cup looks like a full C and I'm not sure how to feel yet! Swollen for sure! ;))) I am happy.


So uncomfortable at 9 days

Ugh! Stiff sore chills darts !!

250cc & 275cc looks like way bigger.

I'm getting anxiety over these! I'm completely swollen.


Seem or feel larger than the cc I got!

Thoughts? 250/275 L/R

2 week update with the cutest bow tie wearing dr. Seckel & his hot younger doctor partner & the fashionable dr Doherty

Okay so I've decided I'm not gonna post again for another month - everything is perfect with my breasts but they are swollen and I need to be patient! Dr Seckel did an amazing job & assured me they will drop a 1/2 cup at least back to the full b we did during surgery. I am totally confident in him and think he is the sweetest/best Boston doctor around!! He kissed my fourhead today to reassure me they will drop in 3 months time, and even squeezed my nipples to make sure the sensation is back. Lol. Five star surgeon. If they become the perfect B I asked for, 10 years from now he has my business for my facelift at 50! ;). Cheers to all u booby girls, I'll post more pics in 1 month. Very grateful for choosing him.

Almost 1 month in!

Okay so it's still kind of a roller coaster they've gotten very soft but I still feel swollen! I love them so much, but some days they feel too big still! I am SO grateful I never was persuaded to go larger than 275cc (I have one 250cc, 1 275cc-and I can tell) here are photos!

One month, 1 week in!

Hello! Today I went to my last appt with dr Seckel & I brought him 2 bow ties I bought for him- 1 for each boob he did so well! Ha! Loving my boobs, still swollen, a tad bigger than expected, but they are stunning, beautiful, & symmetrical. Again, very grateful for good work!!!!!! I even got him to take a photo with me! ;). Not super impressed with my juvederm in cheeks, just didn't last on me, but I appreciate he addressed my melasma issue today & gave me a bleach cream & plan to do IPL laser soon.

Almost 3 months in!

Boobs are great, def got more confidence as I age - esp after having kids. Breasts have not dropped & are still quite firm. I was expecting them to drop & get softer but it hasn't happened- I think I heal slowly. Again I am so glad I did not go bigger than the 250cc & 275cc I have, in fact I would have been happy with 225cc. If I had gone with the 300cc the other surgeons all recommended I would have been so unhappy. Good experience. Happy camper. Still feels hard & sometimes a stretched feeling but they look incredible. For my anniversary I wore a Herve leger bandage dress & I felt so proud during dinner of my chest- here's a few photos.

Update on my pretty boobs

So everybody I kept waiting for my breast to drop and they never did-- I had my surgery in may 28, by October I knew there was something wrong. Both always felt tight and swollen but my right side started riding high due to capsular contraction and possibly pocket size -- so we scheduled surgery for 1 boob only in November & it was re done. Guess what?? Now the left is acting up - most likely the same exact thing and I'm going to have to do a third surgery in February. Probably three surgeries in less than six months. Scars, inconvenient, afraid I'm only one under his care who got this Capaular contraction crap !!! 2 kids under 4 to care for, totally annoying !!! I want to tell anybody who reads my blog make sure you buy the $250 implants insurance !!!!!! Dr Seckel is most definitely accommodating me to the highest degree but all of this is super devastating. Tears & plastic surgery! The quest for beauty - to enhance self esteem- even a little gift from hubby at 40- is certainly becoming a true nuisance.
My implants both are/were riding high & causing mild pain. Both are/were rock hard. I'm showing u what implants look like from being pushed upward.

I'm thankful to the doctor for assessing my needs & probably going above & beyond to "fix" this issue. I absolutely didn't spend 7500. To have hard silicone breasts.

My photos were perfect - but reality is that now I may need a 3rd revision on left breast - it seems while he fixed the right one the other one got aggravated and acted up shortly after surgery in November.

Wish me luck - I'm not giving up yet - even though at one point I wanted them out!

Riding high in September.

This is what both breast looked like 4 months after my initial surgery. Riding high. Hard to touch. Moving towards armpits.

My right side fixed- now left doing same thing.

In my mind I knew both breasts needed revision, but we decided to do only the 1 that was really obvious. Now in these pics he fixed the right & now left is riding high. Most likely I will be doing a 3rd surgery by February. Dr Seckel is accommodating me & feels so bad I'm one of the few he's ever seen this happen too.
Gonna give this one more shot!!!! Cuz I love my breasts! I just want soft squishy ones!!!!! ;)

My breast is ruined. Just an emotionally draining experience- 5 breast augmentations

Dr. Seckel & Dr. N & Dr Doherty and his staff have tried so hard to accommodate me & it's just gotten worse than the last surgery. I have one perfect breast in the other breast is completely deformed and looks like a breast cancer patient. I cry every day. I waited 20 years to get breast implants and I'm that person that has had five procedures and I will need a sixth. These photos are from the latest surgery and it is absolutely unacceptable. Devastated. I was ready to move on after number four but I gave one more chance.

Seroma then drainage - my scar burst. Horrendous experience

I am praying that I can be fixed

Tears & Weightloss & depression from 5 surgeries

Today is one month since my 4th breast surgery on one boob only. But 5 surgeries in total. Only 1 breast deformed. The nipple is being sucked in & the side view is abhorable. I can't even look at without crying.

Awaiting my 6th breast revision

That is fat that was leaking out of incision. This is how my breast looks until dr Slavin can fix me.

Dr Seckel, Dr Narasimhan, Dr Doherty ALL 3 ruined my body. Now, Dr. Slavin will fix my deformed breast at the cost of $28,000

Update. I am going in for my 6th breast augmentation December 8. Dr. Seckel & team ruined 1 breast so badly that my new surgeon had to order human cadaver skin at $4500. A piece to repair the scar & breast that was botched.
In 18 months this will be six surgeries.

I did this when my youngest was not even 1 year old, I have missed milestones, we have hired extra nanny service, I cannot work out , & I've taken a leave of absence from work

These doctors ruined my life but I'm fighting to get it back & I pray dec 8 Dr Slavin will repair me.

8,000 to remove both implants & clean out the pig skin Seckel used
9,000 for human cadaver skin
11,000 for his fees etc

This entire experience has been traumatic Unfortunate for me & my family- I was left disfigured- botched & depressed

On top of all this, dr Doherty left my stomach a mess from liposuction where they used fat in my breast.

My breast were never right even from the beginning they never had space to drop and then he went in and he kept trying to fix his mistake!

So so devastating
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Brooke Sekel, Concord, Ma.

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