I Wish I Would of Gone Bigger, ...34b Went 425 Cc - Concord, CA

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I just had my surgery last week and I wish I would...

I just had my surgery last week and I wish I would of gone bigger. I was a 34b and went with 425 cc. During my post op, I tried on the sizes under a t-shirt and I thought at 400cc I was as big as I wanted to look. But, it's been a week and they do not look as big or early as big as when I tried them on during pre op. Once they heal will they look fuller in the front? Right now they are so high and my cleavage is all you see. But not much fullness. I know I am being silly. But really wish I would of gone to 500. I am 5 feet 130 lbs.

Before 34b- one week 425 cc. They don't look as big as I want. Hope to get bigger and full once they drop.

1st week with a sports bra

2 week update

Hope they drop soon. I know it takes time.

Three week update

Feeling almost 100%, still some firmness. Yes I do massages daily. I notice the lower part where I got my stitches get sore throughout the day, and Also some sharp pains. I think they have dropped a bit, not sure if they will drop anymore. I also notice the swelling has gone down, and it's a bit smaller. Not too happy about that. I still wish I would of gone much bigger, disappointed in the size. But hopefully they will look better as they drop and fluff.

Thinking of a revision to increase cc's

It's almost a month and a half, and I am not too happy about my size. They don't look big at all, honestly I feel like they are really small. They actually look smaller after swelling went down. I had 34b and had HS 425cc. But I swear they look like they are only 200cc. I've looked at many pictures of others and mine don't look at all that big. I think I will discuss my revision with my doctor on my next visit. Is it too soon for a revision?

6 weeks update

I am honestly going to talk to my ps about a revision. I feel like the top has deflated and they don't look the way I want them. I've waited too long to get them done and I am not ???? happy with the size. They are 34dd, but they look really flat in a bra. I am wearing a bralette from vs in this pic.
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