Smart Lipo on my Tummy - Commack, NY

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A week and a half ago I had smart lipo done on my...

A week and a half ago I had smart lipo done on my tummy. The doctor didn't give me any painkiller and his office manager told me they don't give painkiller to any patient. The doctor also applied the laser right below my breast area even though I had no fat there and asked him not to do that. I only wanted my belly fat removed. What he did to my chest area has caused my chest to become so hard that I cannot sleep on my sides and it felt like my chest was constricting the way a snake constricts its prey. I had a horrible experience on the operating table with my chest, the doctor has no bedside manners and aftercare is poor. His office manager checks his patients and she isnt even a nurse. My chest area still hurts. I stretch as much as I can everyday. Has anyone else had any negative experiences with these people.
Emmanuel O. Asare

The doctor doesn't listen to his patient when he is performing the surgery and causing the patient intense pain. He also doesn't perform the smart lipo on just the tummy. Also he refuses to give his patients painkillers. The surgery lasted from 5pm to 9pm which is a long time. The followup care was poor to non-existent

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