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I'd say for around ten years i had been wanting to...

I'd say for around ten years i had been wanting to transform my bum shape into something more round, that looks sexy and full in jeans, tracksuit bottoms etc. I knew exactly what i wanted and didn't mind which country or the price, so i did research online and came across a girl (who had my exact before bum shape) and the exact result i wanted, i read over her review many times and kept looking back at the photos so i just decided to book it with the same company 'Comfort Zone' in Istanbul. On arrival, Engin met me at the airport with his driver which was a relief as i was slightly scared being at the busy airport in turkey alone. During a chat with Engin, i started asking about butt implants and i said how they are different to breast ones, he then said 'actually we use breast implants in our butt operations because they are better and softer', i was very alarmed by this as 98% of surgeons on this website say how dangerous it is and how hardly any surgeons would use breast implants as they have high chance of rupture and the shape won't last. I had travelled all the way there and was taken in by Engin's confidence about the use of 'breast implants' so i still planned to do the op. I was then taken back to the accommodation house where I and the other patients would be staying. It is an unusual setting at the start because you all share the living room, but you soon get to know everyone and its great to be able to discuss surgery and find out what they have gone through in order to prepare yourself. Morning of surgery, driver took me to the hospital, it was modern and nice but not the amazing one that was shown on the website, which was a slight disappointment, however i looked past it and soon forgot as i was going for surgery soon. I met the surgeon very briefly and he marked up areas on my back and bum with his pen...i then told him i wanted a high bum that is big but not too big that everyone is looking at it. He left then shortly Engin came back in the room saying they would need to Lipo me and that is what the markings on my back were for (i was very surprised as i have very little body fat) anyway he then went onto say casually that its an extra £900, but it HAD to be done for the look. I was paying cash for my surgery and only brought the exact amount £2995 with me, so i said leave the lipo as i didn't want it anyway. He insisted and said it had to be done on everyone so he had no choice but to do it for free. The company website sais there will absolutely be no extra charges, so when i was faced with £900 for Lipo that everyone has to have, why didn't the website say it on the butt implants part. Anyway, surgery done, i woke up with very bad shivers that were uncontrollable for at least 30-40 minutes, but i knew this was a common side effect after anaesthetic and surgery. No doctor or nurse came into see me at this point so i felt quite alone yet i didn't want to bother them and press the service bell. Anyway the pain started to set in, it was an incredible pressure in my bum cheeks as if they were going to burst, so so saw and stiff!! When i saw my body for the first time in its support garment it looked very wide and swollen from the lipo, but i looked past this as i hoped it was swelling . It took me a few minutes to manoeuvre myself off the bed so i could goto the toilet, i felt about 100 years old and the pain was on another level! As soon as i got up i knew it would be a matter of 1-2 minutes before i fainted, as i could feel my hearing and vision go fussy, but i had no choice and had to goto the toilet as i was drinking lots of water to help my body. There was one english channel on the TV so bring magazines, iPad, laptop anything that can keep you busy, i had nothing with me as i didn't realise i was staying overnight in the hospital! Throughout the evening the pain just got more intense and i just had to deal with it, i wanted a bigger bum and it was all self-inflicted so 'no pain no gain' as they say, i rang the bell quite a few times as my water ran out and no one came for 2-3 hours...which brought me to tears as i felt so helpless and in so much pain, the nurses were young and pleasant but didn't speak a single word of english so i had to try and explain as easy as i could what i wanted whilst trying not to cry from the pain! The next morning Engin and the driver came to pick me up so i could go back to the accommodation, i was dreading this as i knew i had to stand up and somehow get my clothes on, i could honestly barely lift one foot in front of the other, i began crying and asked for a wheelchair to bring me from my hospital bed to the car outside as i knew i couldn't walk through the hospital without fainting. Two men helped me into the minibus and i layed across the back seats, face down. After a 30 min drive i got back to the house, i just got straight into bed as i couldn't do anything else, whenever i stood up i felt faint after about 30 seconds so i needed to be near to my bed to collapse on it when needed. I have to be honest and say the pain was on another level, i have had surgery before with moderate pain so this was really a shock and challenge but i just got on with it and sobbed throughout the day! Two other patients in the house had done the same operation so i soon got to know them and it really made me feel better discussing it and sharing tips on what to do, so from that point, the house arrangement is good..! Anyway as most people would imagine, after any surgery you should eat as healthily as possible to boost your body with essential vitamins which will repair you quicker and flush your system of the toxins from the anaesthetic & tablets....at this house the food was far from it, yes there was a bowl of fruit there in the lounge area but the actual meals were of very low nutritional value (cheap meats, white rice, processed meats), so when i felt able i decided to purchase everything myself and keep it in my mini fridge upstairs. The smell of the cheap cooking oil filled the house and made me nauseous every day, but this was something i just had to get used to, and at the day the food is free so what do you expect, they have to keep the costs down to keep profit higher, so if you plan on going there, take hundreds extra to go for lunches/dinners OR get your own healthy produce. Day after day all you do is rest, and go downstairs to the lounge to chat with the others which is fun getting to know people, luckily when i went everyone was lovely and i have made a few really good friends that i have kept in contact with which has been excellent for support throughout the healing process. The swimming costume like garment worn afterwards is very short in the body and therefore cuts into your groin/thigh area badly!, myself and others found this very uncomfortable at the house! Anyway, the pain was still a good 8/10 and didn't go, the feeling when you sat for dinner, or sat on the sofa was unbelievable discomfort, its good to put a cushion or pillow under your thighs to keep your bum elevated a bit so there is less pressure. This surgeon doesn't use drains and they recommend you to sit and lay on your bum all the time which is really difficult as the sheer pain! Sleeping is obviously a big challenge but you get through it, no pain killers seem to have an effect to be honest (but everyones experience/body is different). I'll try not to make this review too long so ill try and keep to the basic important bits. So after my 7 nights I flew back to London, wheeling a suitcase and doing the normal airport regime was hard and your body gets tired and out of breath very quickly because of the trauma is has been through with the surgery. Anyway i was pleased to be home so i could get back to my usual organic eating, juicing and other fussy ways which i know will bring me back to life quicker. About a week after i got home the surgery tape covering the incision between my cheeks came off, i instantly panicked as it exposed the stitches and long cut but i left it and carried on with normal life. Around another week into the healing process it was saturday night and suddenly around 7pm i became very shivvery for no apparent reason, i put layers of clothes on and went to bed, i felt nauseous and kept shivvering, then i had diarrhoea which was pure water, whatever small bite i ate or tiny sip i drank wouldn't stay down!! This carried on for days and THEN resulted in stitches breaking and my incision opening half way due to the strain of going to the toilet nonstop (20-30 times a day), this was the most ill i have ever been in my life and the doctor assured me it wasn't food poisoning and likely to be something to do with the surgery....! I messaged engin about it and sent him photos of my open wound and he said 'this is normal don't worry it will be fine and he would show the surgeon', so i felt temporarily relieved yet this explanation wasn't really enough so i went to my local doctors. They said it was infected so immediately cleaned out the wound and packed it and used dressings/bandages to keep it in place, i was also given two different antibiotics to treat the infection. if i had listened to Engin who said its normal, i would have stayed at home and carried on normally and the infection would have spread and God knows what could have happened! Since that, the incision has randomly caught thrush, so was treated for that also. Every single day for over a month now i goto my local doctors and the nurse dresses my incision as it is a serious matter which cannot be ignored, i purchased an NHS exemption card which only costs £40 and lasts for 3 months meaning all my dressings won't cost me anything, otherwise it would be hundreds-thousands as i have at least another month of daily dressings to go yet before it is closed. I must add, since my incision opened i have had this 'olive oil' like fluid constantly leaking out of the wound though the dressings, so i have to put a big cotton wool pad between my cheeks to catch it, and i change it each time i goto the toilet, this has become part of my normal daily life. I also wear an always pad when driving as it will leak onto my under ware or trousers otherwise! A few weeks into healing my left cheek became bigger and swollen at the side, this looked obvious in clothes, the doctor gave me another set of antibiotics encase it was infection and a day later when i sat down my underware felt hot and wet, so i went straight to the toilet to see and it had filled an always pad and was then leaking into the toilet as if i was having a wee, this panicked me beyond belief but i just sat there and let it all leak out, straight after my left cheek was smaller so it must have been fluid or swelling that had all come out. The only answers i ever got from Engin was 'it is normal, its fine and will heal', so i decided not to bother him anymore with anything as i already knew the answer! Since then things are sailing along well and i goto the doctors everyday still, the incision is still deep so will need another month to close. Luckily at the moment i am in-between jobs otherwise i have no idea how anyone else would be able to fit this routine into their daily life!! Because Comfort Zone use breast implants in their butt operations, the implants appear/move to the side, so they give a wide-ish looking bum with less projection in the middle.....my left cheek is fuller and better whilst the right is slightly flatter and smaller, this is especially no citable in jeans! Overall yes i am happy i have a more shapely bum, but i still don't know why my incision is still draining after a month and because they are breast implants i KNOW i will need to go through this operation again to get the real butt implants which are solid and not gel like the ones i have now. Breast implants are NOT designed to be sat on, driven on or layed on, that is why they are called breast implants. Comfort Zone use them because they are cheaper and will allow more profit for the company. Ask any other surgeon on real self if breast implants should be used in butt augmentation and they will give you a good informed answer! In around 2 years time i will definitely to goto the USA and do the operation again with the proper butt implants which can in theory last forever (no chance of rupture or shape issues as they are solid)! Finally, the liposuction gave me a nice body shape, a bit like Iggy Azalea/Rihanna, however my left hip is slightly hard, lumpy and has little red patches on it, from what i have read this is where the surgeon has lipo'd too much and could have hit veins. I have pale skin so these red marks show clearly, i am massaging it daily and wearing a support garment i highly recommend from Primark (believe it or not), for £5, its in size XS and is a waist and thigh shaper, i wear it always when I'm at home and under clothes sometimes, it helps wit swelling and contouring the body! Anyway i hope these red marks resolve as it will be very noticeable in a bikini this summer! Fingers crossed! If you are thinking of doing butt implants goto a surgeon that uses the proper implants otherwise you'l have to go through this all over again...! Comfort zone is a clever money making company for girls like myself who see a good review and book it, my review is the reality of my experience and it isn't all roses, the consultation is rushed, and there is NO aftercare information given, nothing about possible side effects which i have experienced, nothing about scar care, and you will also have NO contact with the actual plastic surgeon Dr.Mete Aksu, doesn't matter what calls or emails you make, you will have zero contact with the plastic surgeon!! I think thats the main points covered, message me with any questions about anything and good luck with your butt implants journey :-)

pics of the latest results, 2 months post op

paying a visit to A&E tomorrow due to suspected seroma

My incision is still leaking fluid which happening for around a month now so i think it needs to be drained, i have been recommended to goto A&E and tell them about it all. I hope this solves it as I'm tired of it leaking constantly and having to keep a cotton pad between my cheeks. These photos are of the dressing i have to get done daily by my local nurse.

red marks/hardness from lipo

DOC has referred me to a local plastic surgeon

Just a little update......so basically my local nurses and doctors don't seem to know anything about this procedure, which is fair enough as its a new thing that very few people have done! So my GP has booked me in to see a plastic surgeon at the hospital so he can examine me further, according to a knowledgable friend of mine he will either wash out the incision or he will put something in there to drain it.....either way I'm slightly nervous about what he is going to say.....! The fact i am fit and well at the moment is a positive sign and hopefully means i'll be ok and the implants can stay inside.....at least until i re-do them for the solid ones anyway :-) x


This garment was recommended to me by a friend who has also had lipo/butt implants, it helps reduce swelling and lets the skin re-drape better. Supprisingly it's from Primark and is called 'thigh, bum and tum shaper' in whatever size that suits you, it only costs £5 so its a great idea to purchase a few then when one is being washed you have another to pop straight on. Brilliant for when you are relaxing around the house and sleeping in it is also a great idea apparently! :-)

Another pic

Photo of shape progress, still having daily dressings done to keep it safe and clean x

Latest pic

Here's a latest picture of the shape which has improved greatly (taken around 3 months)..! The insicion is still half open with around 1cm to heal until it's closed...daily dressings are still being done, just trying to stay optimistic and carry on with normal life :-) seeing a surgeon soon who will do an ultrasound scan to check everything is ok...then he may decide to do something about the fluid that is still gradually draining throughout the day..! Will update when I know more xx

Latest shape

Latest shape in jeans

Here's another photo that should have been with the last x

Latest photo

Took this photo today. Although I'm relatively pleased with the shake it doesn't matter as the implants need to be removed! My insicion has been open for 3 months and in the last stages of healing the implant decided to show itself. The known rule is that any implant that is exposed to the air, it must come out! So I will go for a revision to get these gel ones removed at a different location then swapped for real solid butt implants. What is also very alarming is that for over a month a clear, thick and sticky glue like substance has been oozing out occasionally, sometimes even in big gloops the size of my thumb....and the nurses are convinced it's the implant that is actually leaking silicone! So the breast implants that were supposedly 'cohesive' certainly are NOT! Hence why I cannot trust going back there for a revision! For now I am still getting daily dressings done by my local nurse and will continue to do so until i go for the revision shortly...! It's been an absolute emotional roller coaster but I'm positive it will be sorted soon..... So that's my update for now...! X

The implant is now sticking out......

For the last two days i have started to notice an itchy, saw irritated feeling around the incision......! Today when i went for my daily dressing the nurse called in my GP urgently, as the implant is now sticking out of the incision....! This explains the itching feeling as it is a plastic implant that is rubbing against my bare flesh! If REAL SOLID BUTT implants were used, the implant wouldn't be able to bend and poke out like this. I need them taken out ASAP and will just leave it for 3-6 months until i re-do! It has been a really emotional and draining journey.....and all for nothing, most importantly because i chose the WRONG plastic surgeon who isn't board certified, professional or bothered about what happens to his patients....! I would never dream of going back there for them to correct this, so i am waiting for the NHS to take them out, and i will now look into having them out privately to see what the options are, i cannot wait to just get them out and feel normal. Even when i lie down on the sofa or a bed, they feel like balloons that are about to burst as they are breast implants! I hope anyone reading this will take mine and other girls' advice and not goto the same place, it is Russian roulette if you will be ok or not, even my lipo wasn't done correctly so i am left with soreness from within and red marks on the outside.....! At least 3 other girls i know who have been to the same company also have their incisions open and are having troubles.......it is a clear sign that the surgeon is NOT experienced enough and it is all about making ££££££££!!!!! As for now i'll try and stay positive and use it as a learning experience to never get 'cheap' surgery and especially with an unprofessional company where you are treated as a number.
Any questions feel free to ask.......! X


So i was casually watching TV when the new 'Botched' TV program advertisement came on....so for anyone that isn't sure on my review OR whether breasts implants are bad to be placed in the butt...

Comfort Zone Surgery is ripping off anyone and everyone, especially younger girls like myself and they are totally putting our health at risk. When packing the incision, my doctor said today that not only can she see the implant sticking out, but she can see the hole in it that is leaking out the silicone, if there is one hole there could well be another or two at the other side of the implant!!! Absolutely disgraceful, Engin at Comfort Zone stated they are cohesive and cant leak like this...WELL THEY ARE!! I am extremely worried as we do NOT know what is inside the implants, they are obviously cheap and could even be filled with industrial materials, this company cannot be trusted. I cannot wait anymore for NHS to remove them as it is taking too long so i'm going to fly abroad to get them taken out by a specialist who has done real butt implants many times before.
I am just disgusted at the casual attitude i was given about this whole operation, as if i was going to get my hair or nails done.....that is how casual Engin described it, and now I'm left with a ruptured implant that has deflated so it looks totally asymmetrical now, and an open incision which has been open for 3 months! I eat 100% organic and couldn't have done anymore in the healing period, fresh juices from my juicer, fresh lean meats, salads, veg....!
I myself am a candidate of being on the Botched program, i just wouldn't want to be shown on TV as this is all totally embarrassing! I just feel the company really has to be named and shamed, many other girls are messaging me right now via email/whatsapp and are going through similar issues with their incision not healing and leaking fluids.
The surgeon Dr.Mete Aksu has poor skills, no 'before and after' portfolio and isn't Board Certified either i simply rushed into this without gaining the essential knowledge first!
My right cheek was never right from day 1 but i was told 'give it time, give it time...'. The surgeon obviously didn't close the pocket in the muscle correctly for the implant to just move and come out like this, i don't even trust he put them in muscle pockets in the first place, he probably made up his own design/idea for this surgery.
I think thats all i have to say for now, and i'll be flying any day now to get them taken out at another surgery, and certainly NOT by the company that were stupid enough to put breasts in peoples butts in the first place!

With everything that is going on.....i forgot to mention the Lipo update.....

So with everything that has been going on with the visible implant and incision i have totally forgotten to mention the latest lipo results...!
The general appearance is alright, it is NEARLY symmetrical but the left hip does look and feel bigger, (totally opposite to my smaller right butt cheek....disaster!!) Whenever i sit on my sofa at home, i tend to lean on the arm part of the sofa but after a few minutes i start to get a burning sensation on my hip under the skin where he over lipo'd the area, i also still have the same red marks on the outer skin that i had straight after the operation!! i am currently massaging them with a cream that promotes circulation. So the fact Dr Mete Aksu has messed up my lipo also highlights he is a poor surgeon as there are mistakes throughout everything he has done! This is the same for other people i have been in contact with and some have had worse where he has totally ruined their skin by over lipo'ing! Please take advice and don't risk going to the same place i did, its pure russian roulette with what result you will get! x

Encase anyone thought I was exaggerating.......

Had my daily dressing done at the doctors and I got her to take a photo of the implant that is sticking out, and you can also clearly see the hole where it has ruptured! I have never seen anything like it!! No one on realself seems to have this shocking situation, anyone and everyone PLEASE stay clear of Comfort Zone surgery in Istanbul!! Engin said they are natural and soft......and that they wouldn't rupture.....all so he can make ££££, he doesn't care less about what chemicals are leaking into my blood and body!! My next surgeon will have to remove them and try to get all the traces of silicone out of my tissues, providing it is silicone, I really wouldn't put it past this company to use cheap industrial materials.....!! Karma will strike back at them and justice will be done eventually...!! Flying Saturday to an experienced butt implant surgeon and being operated on Monday morning to have them removed....!! Thankyou for everyone's comments xxx

Faulty from the start....!!

Thinking back....right from a few days after my operation the right implant started deflating, it felt flatter and flatter as time was progressing and this was so clear when I felt both implants in my hands and it was especially visible especially in jeans....! I did inform Engin about this as I was worried and obviously disappointed as one was considerably smaller but he said this is normal and it will be 100% fine.....therefore I carried on! As soon as my insicion opened gloops of the 'silicone' started to make their way out, i use the term silicone loosely because I really don't trust this company and what materials they are using....Turkey isn't in Europe after all.....! Anyway the nurses thought the silicone was part of my dressing, as my dressing turns into gel, so that is why I left and left it for so long....! Anyway I am writing this as it is clear that the implant was a faulty one and has been ruptured since the very start....! No wonder I had the worst fever possible and became the sickest Iv ever felt.....for 9 days!!!! STAY CLEAR OF COMFORT ZONE surgery!!! My experience is happening for a reason, so other people and maybe even their lives will be saved!! Anymore questions please don't hesitate to inbox me. As I type many other girls from the same company are having problems with the incision closing (which is what I started with)....so I wasn't just a one off situation....!! X

After flying the 'not so' cohesive gel is leaking from the implant even more....!

I just arrived half an hour ago at my hotel, unpacked, assembled my juicer and got comfortable then i changed my daily dressing...! To my horror the implant had leaked a great deal more, I simply had to wrap it up and put it in the bin and do another dressing over the top of it. The hospital are having me in tomorrow morning to do urgent blood tests then Monday they are operating, THANKGOD and what a journey it has been...not to mention extra ££££ to have them out! Anyway listening to Engin got me in this position, he said 'they are soft, better and much more natural'....YEAH RIGHT...a little too soft!! No one should ever use this company and they will get what's coming to them!! Absolute butchers!! My left butt cheek is big and round and the left has obviously deflated and is getting smaller by the day!! (Not the best look....)
I apologise if anyone finds these photos too graphic but it shows the reality of what's happening right now and what I have been going through. I hope I save ANYONE else from having the same experience......!!

Tests done, now relaxing in the hotel :) Surgery tomorrow morning :)

The hospital had me in to do X-rays, blood tests and an ECG which checks the heart, so hopefully everything will be ok. Tomorrow morning I'll be exaplaining to the surgeon exactly what has happened and then they will remove them for me. The law here is that they are not allowed to replace them with ANYTHING for around 6 months. However in Turkey I'm sure mete would have just shoved another pair of breasts in there...as in Turkey there are no laws!! Very dangerous place!! I feel silly now as many people have said to me how shocked they are I went as Turkey is KNOWN for these type of things going horribly wrong as they don't have the same laws and strict checks on the tools/equipment. Even though I'm sure some people have successful surgery in Turkey, good for them but I won't be recommending anyone to go!
Just had lovely fish, tiger prawns and salad so now I'm relaxing in the hotel, they gave me a lovely big room to keep my spirits up however I won't be using the nice bath as I havnt been able to shower/bathe for 3 months...not to mention the insicion leaking most nights through my underware/bandages onto the bed sheets and covers...(EW)!!! That is another issue of all this, so washing my body parts all separately has been part of normal life, can't wait to get back to normal!
Thankyou everyone for the caring and positive comments :) tomorrow is the end of what feels like an era!! Xx

Last dinner before the shape goes....bye bye curvy shape.....

Just got ready to go out and have dinner, had to wear a longer t-shirt to disguise the fact the right cheek is a lot smaller after deflating, but in his photo you can't really tell as the left is still relatively big for my body size! Anyway back to natural boring shape tomorrow (couldn't be happier to get back to normal though and put it all behind me!!!)......only temporarily though until the real solids go in once Iv healed enough.... ;-) x


Had a brilliant consultation with the surgeon, they absolutely couldn't get over I had breasts used for the butt and how it was hanging out, she went white as a ghost when we removed the bandage to expose the leaking implant sticking out of me!! Anyway it is all in the past as they are out :-D I feel a ton weight lifted off me, I have had two drains attached which really aren't as bad as they look, nurses are coming in every 30 mins to check on me and help me goto the toilet standing up. Had none of this in Turkey.....here they say you must stand when you wee (makes sense) where as in Turkey they expect you to sit on the toilet straight away with no help, which really put high strain on the incision! Anyway everything is all good, they should be letting me eat food soon. Iv already had a consultation for having them redone in around 6 months, obviously with solid implants, so for this summer I will have to manage without a big curvy bum!! The surgeons assistant said my bum looked great without the implants anyway so that was a little confidence boost (even though they will be redone in time). I must add, there is no pain whatsoever so far even when getting up, so that's brilliant!
That's al for now :-)
End of an era ???? xxx

The state of the ruptured implant......

I have just managed to get up and stretch my legs around the room, so I thought I'd brave looking at the old implants again, I picked it up and couldn't believe the state of it, had to post a picture for you all! Anyway the drains are fine and I have no pain so my praying has worked!
Yes Dr.mete's surgery skills were very poor/rushed in my case and many others but my outcome seemed to appear the ultimate worst... TV worthy infact!! But for the last few days I have thought from a spiritual point (if you are into these things) How I feel this experience may have happened to me for a reason as I could cope with it 'well' and then I am able to expose the company worldwide through the Internet to warn others off going For the same experience.....!
Furthermore I truly believe the very few 'positive reviews' are one offs and certainly do not give any reality of what this operation is like but they really work in hooking you in and giving you hope/excitement that you can change your bum for a great price BUT without knowing the likely consequences of this surgeons technique. He prides himself on the fact you can sit and lay straight away which is ridiculous but works in encouraging you to book it because it makes it seem an easy procedure.....it is this sitting and laying that spreads your cheeks apart and puts tension on the stitches, and the fact they are soft gel breasts makes them squash to the side opening the cut even more!! My new surgeon really couldn't believe all of this and was so alarmed!!
Anyway I've had a lovely friend bring organic orange and carrot juice in a big bottle, then I had chicken and a protein bar so it's now time to relax, I'm feeling it will be a quick recovery anyway, and it's so exciting at the thought of never leaking fluids in bed and in general, and never having to wear an 'Always' sanitary pad in my underware ever again!!
Will post again if anything else comes up of interest for people to see xx

Back to flat......but iv never felt happier!!

So here's my original shape I am left with, i can cope with it over summer until it's time to re-do them. The staff and surgeons are excellent and have totally restored my faith in plastic surgery in general! I'm so pleased people are reading this review and gaining a better picture of what can happen when you choose the wrong company...! I'll stay another two nights in hospital and then will go back to my hotel, everything going well and I'm feeling positive :-) x

Original shape, until i re-do them :-)

Photos. Shape for the next few months before I re-do

Supposedly 'mentor' implants.....

Just a quick update, after examining my implants....they only say 400cc and have a short code number, nowhere on them sais 'Mentor' which is supposedly the brand they used for mine and gave me the book afterwards.....! Let's just say it isn't the best sign, all along I thought they were probably using cheap (bulk buy) implants and giving an old book (that had biro writing on as if it belonged to someone else), why won't they give the box that comes with the implants....that's what my new surgeon said!
So at the end of the day Comfort Zone patients like myself do not have any way of knowing what's inside there....there is a reason they are using cheap breast implants...PROFIT!! Nothing surprises me with his company anymore......

First shower for nearly 4 months.....<3

I had my stitches taken out yesterday at my local doctors, there were 3 separate ones she took out, the nurse said its healed fantastically so I'm really pleased! It has really restored my faith in plastic surgeons and Just shows what a proper surgeon can do, it's healed so quickly! The stitches were non dissolvable which I definitely will prefer to have again as they seemed to give more support and strength!! The surgeon told me to buy 'Dermatix Silicone Gel' to minimise the scars so I have started to use that on my lipo/drains scars also, it helps with flattening and lightening the colour which is exactly what I need!
The feeling of having a normal shower was absolutely incredible!! Letting the water run down my back as it should was such an exciting experience, haha! I feel really pleased to be getting back to normal although I get tired much quicker, this will eventually get back to normal. The red marks from liposuction where Dr.Mete 'over did it' still remain....I am massaging it morning and evening with a cream as it is all I can do, in time it will fade I hope! To be honest I feel totally self conscious of having my flatter bum back so I've had to buy about 10 new tops that are fitted but longer and disguise the disappointing shape, it got me quite down a week ago but I'm staying optimistic and excited for when I do the operation again with the real solid but implants, these will give way more projection than the squashed/flat breasts that were used in my first op with the dreaded Comfort Zone surgery!!! As for now it's cold weather here anyway so im pleased to be covering up my bum in a coat, the 3 months will soon fly and I shall re-do!
That's all for now :-) xxx
Dr Mete Aksu

Initially the surgeon seemed a unique, artistic individual, however the consultation was short and of a rushed nature, the implants used aren't the correct type and I have had numerous complications after surgery. I have zero contact with the surgeon and he will not respond to emails or calls at his office which is an alarming factor! His PA/correspondent has minimal surgery knowledge which results in answers such as 'its normal, it will heal don't worry' which honestly isn't good enough after paying £3000! As soon as you get on the plane home you are truly on your own to deal with any issues afterwards! Yes i am pleased with the fact i have a bigger bum and he did place it higher up which was what i asked for, but please... anyone reading this please do thorough research before choosing a surgeon and make sure he uses real solid butt implants that cannot rupture and that you are allowed to be in contact with him afterwards! Im talking from real experience which is ongoing! Goodluck :-)

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