Invisalign Experience. Wear Aligners Religiously - Columbus, OH

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I currently wear invisalign and am probably...

I currently wear invisalign and am probably halfway through my treatment. I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear the aligners religiously. I am doing a mid course correction right now, and had to literally pay for the consequences. I'm finally back on the right track, and I'm thankful for that! :) I wish I had opted for braces that attach to the back of my teeth, but at the time it was too expensive. Now that I've spent so much on invisalign it seems that would have been a wise idea. Overall I don't have many complaints about the process, however I wish I would have known that my gum recession would worsen from all of this. I also have noticed a lot of discoloration from the glue on my teeth from attachments. Hopefully a good cleaning and some professional whitening will take care of it. The most important thing is to wear the aligners - Sometimes it is just too convenient to remove them!

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