Not Impressed with Thermage and Eyelift (Upper/lower) - Columbus, OH

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2 injections during an eyelift procedure - I'm...

2 injections during an eyelift procedure - I'm not impressed with the results. I can't tell you if the injections actually hurt as they were done while I was 'under' for eyelid surgery. 6 wks post surgery, I don't seem much of a difference in the area of injection which was nose/mouth area. The PS suggested 3 more injections, but at that price, I would have really like to have seen more of an improve with the first 2 before I go spending more money. As for eyelid surgery - the lowers are okay, but no pleased with upper - still have issues with eyes tearing and being in sunlight.

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there isn't an option for 'maybe' - he's been alright, but I am still disappointed with his after care - isn't quite as attentive as he was in the 'consultation' - what does that tell ya - chang ching!

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