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I have had a baby face my whole life, no matter my...

I have had a baby face my whole life, no matter my weight. At thirty five I was still being carded...the point of that was I wanted to express I still looked quite young when I had my consultation with the doctor. I simply wanted a more sculpted look...maybe even have cheekbones!! Lol. I had read about buccal fat removal and thought that might be the thing. Dr. Sullivan recommended a facelift. A FACELIFT! I thought that sounded a little far-fetched. I decided to seek further advice. I found a doctor that I felt listened to me and he suggested facial liposculpture because I had no sagging of skin or underlying tissue. Basicaly, no real reason for a lift. I had the liposculture and was thrilled. It is now ten years later and I still don't need a facelift. I do love my botox tho! The facelift would have cost me more than 11k, the facial liposculpture cost less than 2k. Bottom line...if you aren't comfortable with what a doctor recommends or you just don't feel a good connection with him or her, keep looking. There are quite a few skilled surgeons in Columbus.

This review is confusing!

This is the first reviewer I ever posted on the internet about anything... so, it came out very confusing and I don't seem to be able to fix it except to write an update. Here it is:
the liposculpture was definitely worth the money, 1800.00$ and the doctor that did it was awesome! What I didn't like was the doctor I saw that recommended an eleven thousand dollar facelift to a 35 yo. He was all about the money. I hope that clears things up a bit.
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He was recommended to me a coworker.

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