IPL Photofacial to Remove Freckles Review

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share a review on my...

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a review on my first IPL photo facial I received from my dermatologist 2 weeks ago. I was very nervous and unsure if I would see results based on the large amount of freckles I had, so wanted to share my experience for others who have skin like mine and were curious on the procedure. Overall I found the 45 min procedure slightly uncomfortable but not overly painful. My face was flushed and hot for a few hours post and then fine. I was especially worried about the "coffee grinds" downtime over the next few days so took a week off work just in case it wasn't able to be covered up with makeup. The great news is, the darkened Spots started day 2 but were able to easily be covered up with foundation I wear so I could have gone back to work the next day! I needed about 10 days to Get my first results but overall am so happy and impressed! I would highly recommend to anyone looking into it!

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