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I had my tummy tuck, lipo of inner thighs and...

I had my tummy tuck, lipo of inner thighs and flanks, and lip of my stomach and belly button fixed from a previous mini tummy tuck in 2005. I did a lot of research before going with DR Cochran . A lot of the doctors up here in ATl. They are charging to much cause of location and if there on tv. Saw doctor on 7/28 for consult and i paid my full surgery off the next day. Surgery was easy once you get your knock out meds. You are out my surgery started at 7;30 and 11;00 I was going home . I have no pain really just my back. I did not buy a lot of stuff at all. I started vitamin C,D,Iron, and Zinc a week before and still take it. First day I took tylenol and getting in and out of bed was a little hard so next day bought a walker. I have no regrets yet as long as my back and inner thighs go down and I see a difference. But I am on the flat side. I will say do not listen to everyone about there surgery only cause each person is different. You may heal different from them. Who knows some have other medical issues that cause there negative or positive feedback. Best of wishes all.

So after checking different doctors up here in ATL...

So after checking different doctors up here in ATL and having a consult with a few who were just crazy high. And out for the $$. I started looking outside of the atlanta area. Found a few but they were all booked like till December. I came across DR.Cochran on here had my consult on July 28 and paid the full balance on July 29 did lab work and got my date for 8/5. I have no complaints right now. Everyone is different so there body afterwards and price for work is different. Before I started surgery the week before I started taking vitamin C,D, Iron, and Zinc . Helped out a lot for me I must say. I had my tummy done, side flanks ,lipo, and inner thighs. I am still swollen but it is going down. So far I am satisfied. I am standing up straight. But I do say get a walker. i bought pads, a corset, chucks for the bed, ointment, sterile surgical strips, dial soap, cotton balls, Will post as I go.

swollen and had stomach

Been draining a little more but it is clear now. My stomach in certain spots is kinda hard. I was laying down and felt a popping do not know what that was but it made the spot it came from softer. Hope all muscle repair is still tight. My inner thighs are purple and blue . i have my garment on DR. Cochran gave me and a full knee length body garment for support and to mold my body. Pain is not bad at all been taking rapid release tylenol . Only pain is burning sometimes . Hot shower was great cause my bAack was killing me . I feel a knot i think its more then likely a bruise. Finally went to the bathroom. And it was not bad but you could feel the pressure in my stomach. My walker is my best support. I wish i could lay down to sleep. I hate sleeping up right.

My gear for bed.

Look like a mummy right now. I hope this swelling leaves.

Went in for check up. Drain still in not my fault.

Well I went in today for my check up and when I say he been in and out to check you he do. I drove two hours and my office visit was 10 minutes. I explained my concerns about bruising and swelling and asked if he needed to stick me . Dr. Cochran said no he said the problem was I am not keeping my drain bag closed. Well dang they didn't say to squeeze the bottle and cap it off so it will drain. Thats why my incision be draining and i am swollen with a lot of fluid. The paper said to milk the tube so I have. And still get almost over 300 c a day. He said leave drain in and he explained I could come back and let him take it , I could take it or have another office remove it. For a ten minute office visit I may take it next week like he said when I get under 25c. It will take several months to see the real beauty of the work. So whatever size i am now i will not be. I have gained I know but its fluid. I am not taking the pain meds just tylenol. Here is a pic of my side last night. To all good luck.

Standing straight up after 6 days.

I forgot the nurse today couldn't believe I had my procedure on last Friday and i will tell anyone . Try your best to get your body moving it will help with bouncing back. I go outside and walk, and slowly tried to stand up right each day. And for your scare I got the doctor approved scar away strips that they use in the hospital and it has helped a lot my scar is laying flatter everyday. Even doctor Cochran had to ask when was my surgery. Get a walker if you can to help out with standing.

finally showing progress

This past week was hell bp up, i swollen just ugh. This week great progress I can finally walk up the three flights to my apartment without so much lost of breath. Finally the swelling is going down on my left side. I have been massaging the hard lumps in my back .It hurts like hell but because of the massaging it is really helping. I can sleep on my back and side now. Saw doctor today he said everything was fine. The dog ears I think I have he said wait a few months and then see. My belly button had been draining so he put a q tip in it and cleaned it out and took a stitch out. My left side that was left open . Is changing colors now . So all clear to leave town . Ill see him when I come back. He did say I can start my work out an go back on my phentermine. To help with weight.


So i had my surgery 8/5 and at first i was happy now two 1/2 months not sue anymore. My stomach started swelling again. Cause of the binder my waist above hip area looks smaller but then the dam dog ears, my right thigh still numb in some places. so to me it look like the right side is bigger then the left. my belly button still not closed all the way i say 85 percent closed. But can still put q tip in hole. And it looks small to me. So I called and told them at first I was happy but I want a revision they said he will not do it till exactly 6 months and i said ok . And that if he feels as though it needs to be fixed. So I told them do i need to go some place else. nurse said no no you do not need to. So i am going to wait and see but if i go without binder the pain starts again. So as of right now I am 70 percent happy

Update with dr Cochran

This has been a long journey . From going to the emergency room three weeks ago to now. But I am happy I went not going into all the things said but they did a cat scan of my stomach and found fluid on the left side. I took the report to dr . Cochran cause they said it could be a seroma or hematoma when I say Dr Cochran bedside is better now it is… He drained the site with a needle a lot I must say. The next week same thing .And told ame to keep binder on all the time again. I called them week and we discussed opening the site back up and putting drain back In. I'll see. Cause driving back every week two hours coming and going is a lot. But he calls to check on me just great. I have not posted pics cause I am upset of the progress not going right. And I told him it has caused me to be depressed and insecure. I know every situation is different but I wish I looked like some of you all. 100 flattened.i know in February I wanted him to do my Brazilian butt lift has anyone had him do it?

RETOUCH This week

So I have been super busy and I am taking a pic this thursday at what my six months look like. And yes I am going for a small touch up to some areas. Nothing he did its just what i want . And later my butt he is doing. hopefully before end of the year we have schedule conflicts lol. I have no regrets . just i needed to make more time for me instead so much work. he says its in my head the areas i think need work. As you know we are are worse to judge .pic Thursday and after my touch up this Friday ill let you know how it goes just lipo of stomach, inner thigh and dog ear and hips lipo.

Dr. Thomas Cochran in columbus ga. very nice and Dawn and staff . i loved his surgical gear.

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