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After giving birth to my son he didn't take the 25...

After giving birth to my son he didn't take the 25 lbs I added for him.. lol jk. But seriously. I have never been about 155, now i'm 175. I'm battling to loose weight & loosing the battle. Cardio, weight lifting, salads, no sugars, no carbs, & after a month of being diligent in my diet I lost 2 lbs.. 2. I've been trying different strategies for 6 months now. Talk about being beat down and discouraged. & no, I wasn't gaining muscle. Nothing fit differently :/
I had a breast reduction almost 3 weeks ago & I LOVE my new boobs, I think it's time to love the rest of my body. So here's to going under again!

End of Day 4

I was BEYOND sore until today. It hurt to get up and down & only one of my incisions kept draining until today, but I digress. I can't even begin to describe how awesome I look already. I have only removed my compression garment for about 10 minutes for a shower & I began to swell up pretty quickly but what I saw was just phenomenal. I only have one small bruise on my side & it doesn't hurt. :] Honestly I did better with the breast reduction than this as far as pain goes but then again when all your pain is in the main muscle group you need to do almost anything you'll probably take a bit worse than any other place.

I was able to go for a walk today & I anticipate getting back into my regular routine in a couple days.


Columbus Plastic Surgeon

He. Is. Amazing. This will be my second surgery done by him :]

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