overweight and wanted a tummy tuck

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I have yet to meet my team yet, but so far...

I have yet to meet my team yet, but so far everything has gone well! I will be coming from out of town, staying in candlewood suites. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks. Excited and nervous as I have a toddler to care for. My fiancé will be coming along with me!
Researching trying to find the perfect garment and supplies! Getting extremely overwhelmed

1 week and a day away

I have purchased my walker, from a thrift store for $5! A toilet, chair for shower, and a wedge pillow! Also bringing my pregnancy pillow. It's almost time

Tomorrow is the big day

I am staying at candlewood suites, I am adding photos. I got the handicap room. Excuse the mess, we had just been upgraded and I was in the middle of cooking while my fiancé moved our belongings! Wish me luck and pray hard

Met my doctor yesterday

Met doctor Cochran yesterday. He told me I am a great candidate for this surgery. Lol, I don't know how to take that. Anyways, I spoke with a nurse, she kind of told me what to expect. I go in at 10:45 today. I'm just now starting to sweat and get nervous. Please pray this goes well. I have a sweet son I have to be here for. See you all on the flat side

Flat side

Oh man I'm falling asleep typing this but I made it. I'm in some terrible pain but I'm here!

Still first day things I've learned

If you don't have a walker, get one! Getting to and from I don't know how I would without it. Getting out of bed sucks, getting in sucks more. Get a high rise toilet seat, just do it! I woke up several times during surgery. It kind of hurt but not much. I asked for chick fil a apparently. Lol, ????????. I'm trying to keep my spirits high. Praying this pain subsides soon. The burning is awful. The other stuff I can deal with okay, but the burning I can't. Lol! I'll try to get pics later. Idk how people get pics the first day.

Another before

Candlewood suites

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you don't know where to stay after your surgery, candlewood suites is a great place. They had a wheelchair for me after my surgery. And bought me flowers and a card.

Whew! End of day two.

Kudos to you ladies who are snapping pics and feeling great at this point. I don't know how you did it!!! Emotionally I'm beginning to unravel. My butt is sore from being on it all day, tailbone more like. Taking a shower was slightly traumatic for my fiancé lol. Not too terrible for me. I did a lot of yelling though out of fear. But it isn't that bad lol I'm a drama queen I guess. I'm draining a hell of a lot, but that's to be expected. Still no BM ???? but I did pass gas. And my 18 month old was there to save the day by imitating it. Isn't that what boys are for... sigh. It's hard on him the most. He wants to be held by momma, I'm a SAHM so I'm what he is used to. But his dad is his pride and joy. He just keeps trying to cuddle me and crying when I can't. Do a lot of cuddling before hand! You'll miss it! Here is the only pic I managed to get lol my new BB! I will say I'm quite puffy today but I didn't get a look yesterday, my fiancé said I was "way skinny and he was jealous" which isn't likely Bc he is skinny. Either way it was encouraging. My size 20 pants fell of several times yesterday. That's all I have to go off of for belly size for now! Update you all soon. Please keep me in your prayers as I'm losing my already wasting away mind lol

Uh oh... leaked through.

So last night I woke up to potty, and my fiancé saw a huge blood stain. My drain had popped out and I drained on the bed. I hope I don't get charged for it.. good gosh. We called the doctors office and he told us it was fine as long as it's draining. I hope he reinserts it Friday, Bc I'm already tired of smelling it and having it all over. Yuck. Anywho, who is ready for good news? One of my number one issues has been back pain. If you have lipo done listen up!!!! It feels like huge huge knots and packets of fluid. Plus the muscles are sore from you bending over. Well I had my fiancé rub some dragon (like icy hot) cream on my back (not near an incision though! Ouch) and had him continue to massage for about and hour and oh my heavens what the difference it made. It didn't hurt it felt like rubbing muscles after you work out!! Not he didn't do this on my lower body Bc it's still numb and all bruised and I have incisions etc.. so not all feels better but the upper half does and it's fantastic. Every time I wake up to pee he does it a little with the cream etc and each time he does my drain fills up. So I suppose it's fluid. Gross. Anywho still no BM. But massaging my back also helped get trapped gas out. It's hard to pass gas Bc you can't push it out lol. I'm ready to wash my hair it's so gross but idk if I can't venture that far. I see the doc tomorrow. So I'll update on what he says! Maybe some photos! Today seems to be starting off a tad better!

Where I leaked through

End of day 2...3? I don't know anymore

So I saw he doctor today Bc of my drains. He said everything was great and I would love my results in the end. I've only had 2 pain killers today, I used Tylenol the rest of the day. I started to walk a little straighter a few hours ago. My right drain is still giving me issues, I'm beginning to get worried. I still have yet to see my stomach real well... I'm getting anxious! Anyways, day started off well, went downhill fast then got better. Trying to take it hour by hour!


Just took these pictures after my amazing shower! Ahhhhhh I feel so much better!! Washed my hair, sat under the hot water for awhile! Changed my dressings. Anyways. Clearly I'm swollen. This is my first look at my belly! Also, some pics of why my drain isn't working well!

Before and after


Today has gone pretty well. I slept for the most part. Still no BM. I leave to go home Sunday! Kind of nervous for the drive! It's 10 hours... I'll make it. Just nervous. My stomach is regaining feeling. So that means tingling and burning. But it means I'm getting closer!

End of day 3? I say Day 4 RealSelf says Day three lol!

I finally had a BM! It didn't hurt at all, and lifted my spirits lol. I know that sounds silly, but it's one last pain! I started taking stool softeners 2 days before. And started taking benefiber today. Some more supplies that have come in handy: fanny pack for my drains $6 at Walmart in backpacking/camping section, a hot/cold pack for all your bruises, and of course my beloved heating pad, I would even get 2 or a huge one! Today was a good day! Hopefully tomorrow is even better!!

Updated photos. Look at this swelling!?

Look at the picture with the circle.... is that a dog ear

Today and all it's glory

Took another showers. It's an easy way to get relief. My stomach is so hard and swollen. I'm over it lol. I want my body to feel like my own again. I'm still using a walker. Idk if that's ok. But I can't stand up long on my own. My muscles are so very weak. Back home tomorrow. Should be interesting. Things are starting to burn and tingle even more. Bleh. I knew it was to be expected. And I came down with a cold!!!! It's gonna be a rough 2 weeks. But I'm almost a week down. I can't wait to hit 14 days. That's my short term goal I look forward to!!! More photos though they look more swollen lol.

Just waking up from a crash nap!

That shower wore me out so bad that I just crashed on the recliner! I started to want to cry thinking of my trip tomorrow and how rock solid my body is.... it feels like a memory foam mattress.. but hard lol. Anyways, I felt the top of my stomach (the only place I've ventured to touch Bc everything is so weird feeling. Numb etc) and it's also where I had the most lipo. And it was soft... er. Softer! I have been massaging and applying cold and heat. Idk if that helped but YAY! It seems every time I'm about to break down, god shows me some light! Cheers for the little victories

Made it halfway

Boy am I swollen like a tick. I've yet to be this swollen. It is horrendous and awful. Blahhhhhh I hope this goes away sooooon! Thanks for all the well wishes!!! Bye for now

Made it home..

I made it home!!!!!!!!!!!! I made it home Monday! Not much has changed body wise.. just still sore and swollen lol. I plan to get some better pictures tomorrow, I will be attaching a few today. I have hit a hard place emotionally. Been in a bit of a depression today.. a lot of crying and regretting. Hopefully I'm over that! Bc it was very difficult. Everyday is a tiny tiny better... but better non the less. I will update tomorrow! Have a good night

Last night versus this morning swelling


I have a fever. And have been shivering all day. I will keep you all updated

Infection above vagina

Sigh. Maybe this is why I can't seem to heal. I have an infection and a fever. Will keep you all updated


As you all know, I have an infection. I've been given medicine.. and I guess it's just a waiting game. My vagina has always hurt... and I wonder if it's been an issue from day one. It always felt like someone was pinching the skin, if that makes sense. It always kept me from moving well, because it's hard to bend, sit, lay down, when your vagina hurts so bad. I think I'm feeling better. I just can't tell. Bc of my infection pain. It feels like a bad ingrown hair. I'm so so so exhausted. I woke up at 10 am and have already taken 2 naps.... and it's only 4. I just keep nodding off. I hope I'm better in the next few days. I can't keep functioning like this.

Updated photos

It may not look like it, But my swelling has gone down significantly..


I'm attaching photos. Read the captions. Some are from about 6 hours ago. Some from now. Clearly my infection has progressed. My fever is worse. My vagina is HUGE AND MASSIVE. I can't even urinate... I called dr Cochran tonight and left a message I was going to hospital. His response was "call first thing in the morning I'm tied up" I will update what the hospital says

Hospital and what they told me

Well I'm being admitted into the hospital for 2-5 days. I'm being set up on IV antibiotics. I had a CT scan to see how deep the infection was, to see if surgery was necessary. They decided not, but I needed to stay in the hospital as my vagina "is not in a good place and worries me" (what the doctor said) he also said the antibiotics I was put on were not strong enough. I needed IV antibiotics. My white blood cell count is 25,000 (normal is 5,000-10,000) and he said he could see 5 inches of infection along my vagina. It's scary how fast it swelled up. Literally 6 hour difference. I'm a tad disappointed that dr Cochran told me to call in the morning Bc he was busy. The ER doctor told me I would be unable to function had I waited 12 hours. Idk if he didn't believe it was as bad as it was or what. I know he didn't cause the infection but I'm 10 hours away, the least he could do is make me feel like he cares enough. Oh well, I'm being treated now. Wish me luck! What a damn journey


Top pic is tonight bottom is earlier

Pics of progression


I had a minor surgery where they numbed me and opened me up to drain fluid. They left a drain in it. A huge amount of fluid came out... huge. And clearly I have a ways to go!! Thanks for the prayers



Home from hospital

Last day was terrible in regards to IVS etc ugh. Glad to be home. My vagina is still swollen and will be for a while. I tested positive for staph. So clearly why I got sick. I still have all three drains in. Will continue to update you all. Thank you for the support

Updated photo


I put my compression garment to use

I started using my compression garment under my binder, three days ago. It seems to be helping I suppose! My nerves are coming back, I feel the lightning everyone references. I can't wait to stand straight. That will be an amazing day!

Updated pic

Another photo

I don't know why I continue to upload them lol, they seem to be the same, right? Anyways. Today started off okay, I was standing almost straight... and by the end of the day I can't hunch over far enough. I can feel every muscle in my body, ouch ouch!!!!!!! The muscle repair has done a doozy on me. I still have the drain in my vagina, for the infection... but last week I had my other drains removed, as I'm sure most have noticed. I felt a little more human afterwards. They didn't bother me as much as many people have expressed.. idk if I was distracted by my hospital stay and pain or what lol. Maybe the fanny pack helped? I hardly noticed they existed. Praying this swelling and muscle tightness ceases soon. I need real real sleep!!

Updated pic


Sorry I've been gone, the new update messed up my account.
I also started work again, and my summer course (which has been challenging and taking up a significant amount of time).
I'm doing a lot better!!!
I still swell, actually I swell more now. Maybe Bc I'm more active.
I still have a drain for my infection area.
As you can see, everyday brings a offering amount of swelling

Picture of my scar

For those who were wondering how my scar was coming along.. I am thinking of eventually getting some scar cream,
Not sure yet.

More pics

Still draining

Went to the doctor today, he kept my drain in. Found another pocket of fluid that he popped and packed with gauze
I pray this ends soon lol!
My swelling is getting worse all of a sudden
I pray hay stops too!

Just a short update

Nothing new to really update. I'm not entirely impressed with my results m, this has been hell. I've lost 10 lbs, yet still resulted in a ton of tiny stretch marks which my new doctor has documented they weren't there until the last week. He said the skin was pulled too tight. It's just one thing after another. This experience has been not a good one, and if I could do it again I would either not do it, or stay in town with a doctor. This has been hell. Never again.
I won't be updating much, as I have nothing nice to say. I don't wAnt to discourage others
So this is why I'm not updating

Have yet to meet him

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