42 W/2 Kids, Petite 5'1/117lbs Breast Aug 32C/34A 600cc Mentor HP Smooth Round Saline Before/After Pictures 8 wks postop

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I am really nervous about doing this, but this is...

I am really nervous about doing this, but this is something that I have wanted my whole life -- the surgery part scares me. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, but I don't want my fears to hold me back in life. I had 2 surgeries when I was kid, they used general anesthesia, and I recovered quickly, but the anesthesia made me nauseated for a couple days after and I HATE throwing up :(

I have been stalking this site for months, and after seeing so many people go through with the surgery and only regret not doing it sooner, I have mustered up the courage to schedule my first consultation.

It is tomorrow morning! I did a lot of research of local doctors over the last few months and the one that I am seeing has a lot of positive reviews for good bedside manners, having a great staff, he is also a board certified plastic surgeon and at one of the local hospitals he is the chief of staff of plastic surgery.

I have a petite frame, just 5'1 weighing around 117lbs, I am 42 years old, and a mother of 2. I have always had small breasts. I have been measured at Victoria Secret and got 2 different measurements from two different associates, 32C and 34A. I have been this size since I was a teenager. Even after having kids, I had bigger breasts temporarily and then they went back down to where I am today :(

My goal is to be a full D cup, I don't know if this is possible with my petite frame, but my older sister had her breast augmentation done in her 20s, and she is a couple inches shorter than me, and was also a 34A when she got hers and she became a full D cup. My sister has saline implants that are over 20 years old and they still look great. Her doctor has told her she doesn't need to replace them, until she has a problem with them or until one deflates.

I am interested in getting saline implants, if everything works out in my consultation tomorrow, I would like to book my procedure. My fiance works in family practice medicine and recommends saline over silicone, having had patients with silicone implants report more problems over the years, than patients with saline implants.

Booked My Surgery :) I am finally getting BOOBS

I had my consultation today and I went ahead and booked my surgery for April 28th! I am so excited, I have my pre-op appointment in 2 days! Doctor says that I can be a full D and could even go up to a DD if I wanted to :)

Surgery FEARS :(

I admit I am having surgery fears, I had a night of anxiety dreams, not bad dreams just weird ones, probably because of all of the excitement from yesterdays consultation and surgery booking. My fiance insists that before I have the surgery on the 28th that I write my last will. He isn't doing this to scare me, he works in family medicine and knows that although in most cases surgery is safe, there is always risk, even in the most simplest surgeries. I have 2 children ages 8 & 10, and their father passed away, and since his death, I have wanted to write a will, in case something happens to me, because you never know when an accident is going to happen and I want to make sure that my kids stay with my fiance, since he has been their father figure for years.

Anyway, I am 16 days pre-op, and tomorrow is my pre-op appointment, so by tomorrow evening I should know what size I am going with.

I am super excited to do this - the only thing that scares me is the surgery part :( LOL stupid I know, especially since I have had general anesthesia before and I have only had good experiences from it, aside from the nausea.

I am posting another wish photo, I will start to post pictures of me, before and after.

Keller Funnel Technique

My PS is using the Keller Funnel technique for my BA, has anyone had this technique done in their BA? If so what was your experience? I saw a video on Youtube, it looks pretty cool. The incision is much smaller this way.

I don't know if its allowed, but this is the video I found, this is not the doctor who is performing my surgery, just thought it was a cool video.


Pre-op today :) 500cc's Saline High Profile Mentor Implants overfilled to 550cc's

I went to my pre-op today and I got all of my prescriptions. I decided I wanted to go a little bigger than the 500cc's, but not up the 600cc's. I tried on 550's and I like them. Based on my measurements the in between size is 560cc's, but it would be too wide for my chest, so my PS suggested using the 500cc's Mentor High Profile Saline implants and overfilling them to 550cc's. He is going to place them under the muscle. I will be the first patient he works on that day, because of my hypo-glycemia.

Pre-op Today ~ Preparing For Surgery :)

I started to prepare for surgery today. I bought two sports bra's and two front zip joggers to wear during my recovery. It wasn't easy to find them, I went to three stores, and I had to look in the clearance isle, because most shops have summer attire out right now. It was nice to get them on clearance, so I won't complain about that.

I am really excited about this! I did my pre-op appointment today and I feel like my PS is a perfectionist. He seems like the super-smart brainy type of guy - I believe I made the right choice with him.

He gave me my prescriptions 5 total: some XANAX for Anxiety, that I can take the night before to help me sleep :) He said there would be some anti-anxiety medication run through the IV. He also gave me an antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin 500mg) he said studies show that it reduces the chance of infection and hardening of the implant, Zofran an anti-nausea pill, Percocet for pain, and Gabapentin also for pain.

Preapring For Surgery ~ Arnica Montana Pills For Pain, Swelling, and Brusies

I have read a lot about Arnica Montana being beneficial for pain, swelling and bruises related to surgery, and I asked my doctor about taking it. He said it was commonly used for this, and if I choose to use it, he recommends starting it 2 days before surgery minimum. I read a review on here from a few years back, the lady said she started using it 4 days before surgery and posted on day 9, that she has had minimal bruising, swelling, and pain and that she wasn't even taking pain medications. I just bought a 3 pack of 250 count Arnica Montana on Amazon Prime for $17.37, I bruise easily, so even though bruising isn't common with Breast Augmentation, I would rather be prepared!

I have also seen posts from surgeons recommending that you take Arnica with Bromelain, so I am going to ask my PS about this also, at my appointment Tuesday.

Have Fever, Aches & Cough :(

Ugh, I had a fever of 102.1 on Friday, with back pain and coughing and I am still experiencing symptoms. My fiance, (who works in family practice medicine) has asked me to be seen by my doctor to see if I need an antibiotic. This isn't like him, because he doesn't like people over medicating when the immune system (in most cases) can heal itself, but he would rather I take antibiotics if needed right now, and not get any worse since my surgery is scheduled in 11 days. I would hate to postpone :(

Still On For Surgery April 28th!

I saw my PS today and I am still on for surgery on the 28th. I told him that my family doctor recommends starting me on a Z-pack tomorrow if I am still coughing, and he said that he would also suggest that I do it, because it will help guard against bacterial infection. He did say that if I am still coughing next week, we may want to consider pushing off the surgery for another week, because if I am coughing before the surgery, I will likely be coughing after the surgery and it may cause some extra discomfort.

It is about an hour and twenty minute drive for me to get to my PS's office. I am happy I made the trip down there, Lisa, one of the patient coordinators is very sweet, I enjoy talking to her, she has made me feel so comfortable with my decision. Also, talking with the PS again, has made me feel even more confident about my decision to go with him. He is very easy to talk to and we chatted for a little bit. I am very happy with my choice in PS. I look forward to my surgery next week :)

9 days away - started a Z-pack today

So, I am now taking a Z-pack, codeine cough syrup at night and Tessalon Perles for this bronchial virus. I did have a fever last night so my family doctor went ahead and prescribed the Z-pack to be safe. He listened to my lungs again today, and says they sound clear, and the Z-pack is just precaution for bacterial infection and walking pneumonia - thankfully he doesn't think I have either, but with my surgery next week, he wants to knock out any possible infection. I am praying these make a HUGE difference and end this cough ASAP, so that I can move forward with surgery next Friday. I am 9 days away and I DON'T want to reschedule!!!

Aside from this irritating cough and low fever, I feel fine. I am ready for this surgery. I am praying that things are able to move forward as planned, and by this time 9 days from now, I should already be home from the surgery with excellent results :)

I Am On The "Waiting For Surgery Roller Coaster" Anxiety - Xanax - Coughing - Hypnosis - More Waiting

I am 9 days away from surgery and time is flying by. The fact that life is so busy, is making the wait a little easier on me. Now that I have this annoying cough, I am glad I have a 9 day wait, because I want this cough to be gone, before I got into surgery.

Being busy keeps my mind off of the fear of surgery. I do have the xanax to take in case I get pre-surgery anxiety. I haven't taken any of it yet, but it is nice to know that I have it, just in case!

I still have to do some pre-surgery hypnosis with my fiance, he will do hypnosis for anxiety, swelling, less bleeding and easier recovery. Hypnosis has worked wonders for me in the past, so I am really excited to use it with surgery :)

I am posting more wish pictures. I am hoping I my new boobs are bigger than the ones in this before/after pic, but still her results look really nice.

Flat Chested BEFORE pics

These are some BEFORE pics. I am wearing a summer dress and as you can see there isn't much to see from the front or the side - it's flat LOL. That is going to change in 8 days :) I wear a size small summer dress or a size 4/6, depending on the designer. I can't wait to get my new boobs!

5 Days Until I Finally Get Cleavage Without A Padded Bra :)

Just 5 more days! I am getting more and more excited as I get closer to surgery :)

Last night was the first time I experienced a little fear regarding surgery in quite a few days. As I was falling asleep I was thinking about a toddler who died from anesthesia at a dentist office in the last couple of years. It was something I read in the news and not someone that I actually knew. So then I had to remind myself, that the child's procedure wasn't in an operating room, it was in the dentists office and my procedure will be in an accredited surgical facility. It was the first scary thing that has popped into my head in a few days. Thankfully I didn't dwell on it. I am focusing on a positive experience, knowing that my surgery is taking place in an accredited surgical facility and that everyone in that operating room is highly trained and will do everything it takes to ensure that my procedure is easy and smooth, for me and for them! I keep telling myself, I have had anesthesia before and aside from nausea I have only had good experiences with anesthesia, it's going to be okay.

I am still going through with this, regardless of FEAR :)

I keep looking at pictures of women's breasts and I am ready to get mine done! I can't wait to have nice cleavage without a padded bra! The positives outweigh the negatives here!

5 more days - I am more excited than fearful about this now!

Some Before Pics

I am 5 days away from surgery and want to make sure I post some decent before pics. I am going to do some post surgery pics wearing the same tank top.

I have a slight asymmetry difference in my right breast, it drops a little bit lower, because when I was 18 I had a benign cyst removed, and the surgeon damaged the muscle, and ever since then, the right breast has hung a little lower than the left breast. I talked with my PS about it and he says it really is slight, and that he can try to place the left implant in a position where it could drop a little lower to match the right, but there was no guarantee. I am really not worried about the asymmetry difference since it is slight, and I am the only one who really notices it, my fiance didn't notice it until I pointed it out 3 years after we were together! LOL

Boob Greed - Unsure Of What Size To Get Now :( 550cc or 600ccs

At my consultation it was decided that I would go with 500cc saline overfilled to 550cc. My surgery is in 4 days!

Okay, so I have been reading some reviews of other women about my size who got implants around 500cc and some are happy with the size and others are not, some wished they went bigger. So, that made me nervous, my PS allowed me to try up to 600cc saying I would still look natural with the 600cc. I called them today and asked about the 600cc over the 500cc overfilled to 550cc, my PS is in surgery today, so I spoke to his nurse, she told me that she would talk to him and if he says that I could do it, they would have to overnight the 600cc because they don't carry them and my surgery is in 4 days. I would have to pay an extra $100, for the shipping fee, which I am okay with. But now I am nervous, worried that I am having boob greed and I haven't even had my surgery yet :(

I hate these last minute decisions. I want them to look natural, but I don't want to regret not going big enough. The RN told me that she has seen smaller patients go much bigger than what I am asking for and they were happy with the results. Also, she says that she does't want me to have buyers remorse, and regret not going big enough..... She recommends if I want to be big, then go bigger.

Go Big Or Go Home :) 600cc Mentor High Profile Saline Implants

I spoke with my PS office this morning, I was told that Dr. Dorner said yes to the 600cc high profile round implants and had them ordered for overnight delivery already and there will be no extra charge to me for the last minute overnight delivery :) That was really nice of them!

So, I am going with the 600cc and I am really excited. I am 3 days away from surgery. My anticipation is building up - I need to keep reminding myself that I am feeling excited and not anxious about this, as I know these two emotions can be confusing.

I have read that in order to see a significant difference in your breast appearance you have to go with at least 500cc or the change won't look as big or noticeable as you had hoped. I also read that when you go with a higher implant size -> 500cc or more, you have to be careful with overfilling, because there is a higher chance of deflating and ripples from the overfill may show. Anyway, I am thrilled they were able to order the 600cc for me, so I don't have to overfill them and it reduces the risks of ripples and deflation. In 3 days from now, I will have my new boobies :)

Surgery Confirmed! 6:30am Arrival Time Friday :) Woo-hoo

The surgery center called this morning to confirm my appointment. I am going to be the first one of the morning because of my hypo-glycemia. Arrival time is 6:30am which means I am getting up at 4am, it is about an hour and twenty minute drive to the hospital, we will need to leave home by 5am.

The lady I spoke to said they would give me some versed before getting the IV, she said it would decrease anxiety and it would cause some amnesia for the procedure, she says that I am not likely to remember the procedure and up to an hour after waking up, and then after that I will be fine. They are sending me home in a surgical bra, she told me to go buy 5 sports bras in the size I think I will be because I will need a fresh clean bra everyday during my recovery. She said that most ladies complain about the surgical bra, so she suggested the front zip sports bra. I did get 2 mediums, but will more than likely get a large since a couple of the women who went close to 600cc got that and had to go up to a large or extra large after a few days once the girls started to drop. She also told me that in recovery, they will want me to eat something so I can take a pain pill before leaving. Also, she said that my fiance needs to stay at the surgical center because the surgery is about an hour or less.

Only 2 more days :) I am so excited!!!

Some Post-op Care

Awe - my sister who got her BA 20 years ago, sent me a surgical bra and some scar cream :) I got the Bio-oil a couple weeks ago and I have been using it morning and night to prepare my breasts for the stretching. I love it so far and it is actually making an old surgical scar fade! It smells really good too :)

I have 2 days to go. I saw my final hypnosis clients today, I won't see any tomorrow, because I plan on doing a big grocery store trip, some laundry, and my son has an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon.

So far I haven't needed the Xanax for anxiety, that my PS prescribed. Who knows - I may be just fine tomorrow night without it???

My fiance has given me some pre-surgery hypnosis and we recorded it so I can listen to it a few times prior to surgery.

I will admit that when the surgical center called me today and told me about the versed I got kind of nervous and looked it up. My daughter and fiance have both had it in the last year with their surgical procedures and seemed fine on it. It's just that lady I spoke to told me it would help with anxiety and give me some amnesia so I would not remember the procedure. She said I may not remember up to an hour after the procedure. That made me nervous so I looked up the long term effects, and there really aren't any, and it is also extremely rare for serious allergic reactions to happen with this medicine, so that put me at ease with it. And who wants to remember their surgery anyway?

12 Hours Until My 6:30am Check-in At The Surgical Center

As you can see in these pictures from the side view, my rib cage actually stands out more than my flat chest :(

In about 12 hours that will change! I will be checking in at the surgical center at 6:30am and by this time tomorrow night I will have my new boobs :)

Time has flown by quickly since my consultation. I have spent a lot of time looking at before and after pics trying to get an idea of what mine are going to look like. I have also been stalking other ladies who recently had their surgery, watching how they are progressing....

I spent much of today doing last minute preparation. I did a lot of food shopping today (went to three stores to get everything I need), I've done some laundry, and I had to take my son to his ortho appointment. And this evening I am still working on getting things ready to make tomorrow a smooth day. I am getting my kids prepared for school, I've got lunches done, homework done and in backpacks and their clothes are ready so my parents can get them to school for me. I will also do some more pre-surgery hypnosis before the night is over and I am holding off on eating until a little later (since I cannot eat or drink past midnight).

I don't feel nervous, like I thought I might the night before. I am actually very calm, it could be because of the pre-surgery hypnosis I have been doing. Tomorrow morning, as we drive an hour and twenty minutes to the surgical center, I am praying my nerves are still calm :)

Hopefully my next update will be after surgery some time tomorrow! I am very optimistic that things will go well and very excited that in just a few hours I will have my new girls :)

I Survived!

Thankfully I wasn't nervous, like I feared I would be today. I believe it was excitement that kept me up past midnight. Getting up at 4am wasn't too bad this morning since I really wanted to get this done! We got to the surgical center 5 minutes early and got checked in. I was called back few minutes later. Things just flowed from there. With my greatest fear being the anesthesia I'm happy to say that was the easiest part! They did put a patch on me up help reduce nausea and I believe it's working because my nausea has been mild. My PS came in discuss my last minute size change. He said I could do the 550cc over filled to 600cc and have a more projected /fake look or he could use the 560cc and over fill to 600cc for a more natural look. I told him I wanted the 560cc over filled to 600cc. He drew on me, they put the IV in and they rolled me into the operating room. They had me switch over onto the operating table and the anesthesiologist put some oxygen over my mouth and I was out. Next thing I knew I heard him say "welcome back" and heard the nurses talking about what size surgical bra to put on me. The nurse who was with me at check in and throughout recovery told another nurse to get me a size 40 surgical bra because I went big! The weight from my new breasts isn't bothering me, how ever the tightness is. It feel really tight in my chest and it hurts in my chest and under arms. Right now I'm pretty alert but laying in my bed covered with ice packs. I believe the ice is helping. They had me eat a little yogurt and then take one pain pill which I don't think did me much good. I'm looking forward to my next dose and will likely take two! My fiance has been a total sweetheart. I am lucky to have such a great man in my life.

Day 1 Post-op

My surgery was yesterday, it went well. My blood pressure was a little elevated afterwards so they had to treat it and keep me a little longer in recovery. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday not because I was tired, I was dizzy and nauseated when I would get up. I did get up to walk around 5 times upstairs but didn't mess with going down the stairs. I was able to shower this morning. I put on one of the medium sports bra's and the girls are busting out, I cannot even zip it up all the way it's way too tight. The girls are sitting pretty high right now. I do have some bruising close to the left incision, I didn't get a picture of it yet. I'm happy that I went through with the surgery. It seems the recovery part is the toughest. My breasts are still numb but my chest muscles are incredible tight and it's difficult to move right now. I ate really light yesterday because of the nausea, thankfully I didn't vomit! I have been taking 1 pain pill, but would probably do better in 2, I just don't at it to make my sleepy. Today I'm taking it easy :)

Bruising 2 Day Postop

I went ahead and put on the large sports bra today, and it fits much more comfortable than the medium, however I still can't zip it up all the way, so I am going to order some extra large ones off of Amazon. As you can see I am bruising a little on the right, I am also bruising under both arms, and around my left incision.

Bruising Post-op Update ~ Less Pain Every Day :) 3 Days Post-op

As you can see in the pictures I am bruising under both breasts, both underarms, and in between the breasts. I do bruise easily which is why I asked my PS about the herbal bruising medications Arnica Montana and Bromelain. I started taking them 4 days before surgery and the bruising isn't as bad as I would have expected. I am in much less pain today, although I am still taking one Percocet every four hours, I would rate my pain right now as a level 4, while on the Percocet. I am able to move around more easily today.

On Friday, the day of my surgery, I took it easy, but still got out of bed to walk around the upstairs 5 times. When I would get out of bed I would get dizzy, I didn't want to push things. On Saturday, I came downstairs for most of the day, did a lot of walking around the lower level of the house. On Sunday, I did about the same as Saturday. I would say that my worst pain was on Friday, and that each day since the pain has reduced.

I feel much less pain today, and was able to go with my fiance to drop off the kids at school this morning. It was my first car ride since the surgery, I was a little dizzy, but did okay. I took off the anti-nausea patch off this morning since I was supposed to take it off after 72 hours, I believe it did what it was supposed to do - I haven't vomited once! I got a call this morning from the surgery center and my PS office this morning to check on me.

I am still coughing a little from the respiratory ailment I had about 10 days before surgery and it really hurts to cough :(

As you can see in the picture the girls are sitting pretty high up. The RN I spoke with today said that is mostly because of the swelling and once the swelling subsides I should see them drop and fluff. Aside from this, I believe all is going great with my recovery! My energy has been really high - I only get a little dazed when I take the Percocet. Even though I get a little dazed from the Percocet, I feel it is worth it since I believe it does help reduce the pain. I have my fiance taking care of me, he is off work until Wednesday, and my parents are visiting to help with the children, for the next two weeks. I am thankful I have such wonderful support and assistance during my recovery :)

I am also thankful that the pain is reducing everyday and that my energy is really high. I am able to breath more deeply now with less tightness and pain - the tightness in my chest made taking deep breaths challenging on surgery day and the 1st day post-op. It made me a little antsy, because I like taking deep breaths, it helps me relax. Today, I am breathing much easier and deeper :) Every day gets better and better! I am still happy that I made this choice! Now I just need enough patience to wait until the girls start to drop and fluff!

Less Pain More & Obvious Bruising

Not much to update today, aside from the fact that I am busting out of my surgical bra now. I have 2 L and 2 XL sports bras arriving in the mail today and hopefully at least 2 of them will fit me more comfortably. My pain seems to get less and less each and every day and I am able to move a little easier each day. The bruising is more and more noticeable. As I have said in previous posts, I do tend to bruise easily, so I expected this. I even found a large bruise down by my right waist, and I don't know how that one happened, but it was there the day after surgery and it is a pretty big bruise. I have cut down on pain pills, I am taking 1/2 pills as needed, since my pain is decreasing daily. I believe on Friday, I may be able to start some Motrin for the discomfort and inflammation. Not much change in the position of the girls, they are still sitting high up and tight. I have my first post-op appointment in 2 days. All is going well in my healing so far....

From A M Sports Bra Up To An XL

I had purchased a couple medium sports bras prior to surgery. The day after surgery I was really busting out of the first one I put on. The next day I tried on a large sports bra and couldn't zip that one up without help. I am now in an XL sports bra. I am sure a lot of this is swelling. A lot of ladies I have followed who got a similar implant size eventually ended up in either a full D or a DD cup (which is what I am aiming for) depending on where they bought the bra. I am only 5 days post-op so it is too soon to tell where I will be when the girls drop and fluff and the swelling subsides. The girls are still sitting up pretty high and hard. This morning I have only taken 2 Tylenol and a Gabapentin for nerve pain. I am a little uncomfortable but the pain is more manageable right now. Every day I get better and better. I think on Friday I can start taking Aleve or Motrin and that usually works better for my pain and should help reduce the swelling.

Post-Op Boob Band & No Massaging?

I am 8 days postop today. I had my first postop yesterday, my PS says that I am really swollen, his words were that I am "really puffy on top," he also commented that I was bruised - which didn't surprise me, since I easily bruise. Anyway he wants me to wear the boob band and come back in two weeks. I knew I was swelling a lot, so that was no surprise to me.

However, I did ask about doing massages and he said that I can massage if I want to, but there is no scientific proof that massaging makes a difference. My sister didn't massage hers and one got hard and her PS had to squeeze it to break it up and make it loose again, and she has been massaging religiously every day, ever since. So, I guess I will have to look a video on how to do the massaging, since he doesn't instruct his patients to.

As far as the bruising goes, I was taking the Arnica Montana and Bromelain, I had read posts about it working wonders for others. I personally didn't see much of a difference. As I said I easily bruise, so I was hoping the Arnica would help, I cannot say that it did, so I stopped taking it today. I am still taking the Bromelain because aside from the bruising and inflammatory benefits it also benefits the digestive system, and I have been nauseated from the antibiotic, but not vomiting and who knows if it is working?

I have been instructed to get a bigger/loose fitting sports bra going up from an XL to a XXL to wear, since the compression in the XL may be causing some of my swelling and discomfort. I really don't see me wearing the XXL or maybe even the XL for long, I know this has a lot to do with the swelling, and it is difficult to know what size I will be when the swelling subsides and the girls drop and fluff. I am trying to remain realistic in my healing journey and not get hopeful and possibly disappointed to think I am going to remain this big.

I am no longer taking the Percocet, I started taking Aleve yesterday and it seems the swelling has gone down some already. I am slightly sore, it isn't unbearable and I am sleeping okay. I am moving around more and more every day, slowly getting back into routine. I cannot wait for the healing part to be done, so I can shop for new bras and tops :)

600cc From 34A/32C to 36C -I'm now 2.5 weeks post op still have to wait for the girls to drop and fluff

I had my 2nd postop appointment yesterday, the girls are still up high and swollen, but they are improving everyday. I have been wearing the band and massaging, and they are starting to feel much softer everyday. My PS took off my bandages yesterday and said the incisions look good. I started using the scar cream my sister bought me and I am still using Bio Oil twice a day on both breasts, and on top of the scar cream on my incisions, I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt to do so.

The girls seem to be dropping at about the same rate, if there is a difference, it is minimal.

My PS released me to some lower body exercise, easy cardio, and regular daily activities, and he told me to take it easy on upper body workouts, since we went under the muscle. Also, I am still wearing the band, but only at night/when I am at home and I still have to sleep in a propped up position :( He told me to keep wearing the sports bra, because I am still swelling and my size is likely to change, when the girls drop and fluff. I am still wearing the XL sports bra, comfortably.

I did get measured out of curiosity - 36 C, from a 34A/32C, and I didn't really fill in the cup in my old bras. My PS said that as the swelling goes down, the upper pole will go down some and I will likely fill out more on the bottom pole - so don't waste money on bras right now, since I am still swelling on top.

I am not in pain and haven't taken Percocet since day 5 I think. I am feeling more and more like the girls are just a normal part of me. I still have no nipple sensation.

Although my PS just released me to more physical activity yesterday, I will admit that I have been much more active, than I should have been, from about day 5 postop. It just isn't easy for me to "take it easy" by personality, I definitely regretted too much activities on some days. Some days it seems my energy is back to normal, and other days - like today, I am exhausted by 2pm, but at least I am not in pain :)

My only complaint is still having to sleep propped up, my back really doesn't appreciate it, aside from that I am quite happy with my progress so far. I realize I have to wait and see how the girls progress as they drop, fluff and settle over the next few weeks, but I am happy with the size right now.

4 Weeks Postop Today! 600cc Saline Mentor HP Smooth Round & Getting Different Bra Sizes When Measured - 36C & 30G

Today I am 4 weeks postop. Although the girls still have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do, I love the way they are progressing every day <3

I am massaging them daily, and they are getting softer and squishier every day it seems. I am starting to see the hourglass figure I have always wanted to have when wearing clothes.

When I am naked they look HUGE :) but I can easily conceal them when I am wearing clothes or I can flaunt them if I want to.

Although they are getting rounder, they still have some dropping and fluffing to do, since they are still pretty high and still swollen - maybe because I have been more active than I should have been.

I am still wearing the compression band at night, still sleeping propped up (now sleeping downstairs in my recliner - since I wasn't very comfy propped up in the bed).

I really have no pain or discomfort to report. However, I have not regained nipple sensation yet, and I am told it could take a while to return and sometimes it just doesn't come back - I may have my partner use some hypnosis to help with that.

I have been measured twice and got 2 different sizes one place said 36C and the other 30G - LOL big difference huh? I am measuring at 30 inches band and 37 inches bust. I haven't bought any bras yet, since my PS told me not to. He told me to stick with loose fitting sports bras for a little while longer, since I am still swollen on top and have lots of dropping and fluffing to do.

I am very pleased with my decision to go with 560cc overfilled to 600cc. I love the size, with me being wide chested and having wide hips they don't look out of balance or fake, in fact my new girls seem to have balanced me out with an hourglass figure ;)

My PS said they will likely get a little bigger when they setting into the pocket, as the upper pole will drop and fill in the lower pole a little more. I have my third postop appointment this Tuesday.

I know I have a while before I see the end result - but at this point I am THRILLED with they way they are turning out :)

5 Weeks Post-op! Is Dry Peeling Nipple From Stretching?

I am a little over 5 weeks post-op now. I had my 3rd post-op appointment last Tuesday, and my PS still wants me sleeping propped up and wearing the compression band.

I have dropped a lot over the last few weeks, but still have some more dropping and fluffing to do. He told me not to buy bras right now, since he expects my upper pole to come down some more and the lower pole to fill out more. He says with the bigger implants it can take longer for them the settle into place and it is too soon for me to spend money on bras, since he does expect the girls to fill out more as they continue to drop and fluff.

I found it much more comfortable to sleep propped up downstairs in my recliner. I am only wearing the compression band at night. I am massaging daily by choice, my PS told me at my first postop appointment there is no proof that massaging works or helps the implants, but my sister and friends who have had implants all insist that massaging is important, so I have chosen to do it and my PS says it doesn't hurt to do it and I can massage if I want to. I have noticed the girls are getting softer everyday, and I don't know if the massaging has helped or if it is just happening with time.

My PS says everything looks great, I just need to be patient for the girls to settle into place, which takes time and patience.

I have noticed some dryness and peeling on one of my nipples, which I think is strange, because I have been using bio-oil 3 times a day, so I don't know why one nipple would be dry or start to peel. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be from the stretching? I am going to use some cortisone cream to see if it helps, if not I will contact my PS.

5.5 Weeks Pictures

The girls are starting to feel soft and also starting to look more like normal breasts :) I am 5.5 weeks post-op now and things have been fairly easy on my recovery journey so far! I have not been able to take a decent side picture, from the side you can tell that I still have some dropping and fluffing to do.

30G Bra Side View

So last week I was measured with a 30 inch band and 37 inch bust = 30G bra! Although I have been told not to buy bras (doc expects me to get bigger as the girls settle), I couldn't resist this on sale and wanted to see what I would look like in a bra that would (possibly) fit me. So I bought this 30G bra on sale from Frederick's Of Hollywood online. It isn't padded, it is incredibly tight, and as you can see from this side view, I still have a lot of dropping to do, so I will more than likely not be able to wear this bra once I am fully healed. LOL! Buying my first post-op bra did actually put things in better perspective for me, this picture makes it perfectly clear that I have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do before I will know what my bra size will be. I am going to resist buying anymore until my PS gives me the go ahead.

7 Weeks Post-op - New Pictures - Before And After Comparison

Hi ladies - I am posting my first before and after comparison pictures this week.

I am a little more than 7 weeks post-op now and I am loving my progress, although it seems to be happening SLOWLY!!! LOL! I still have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do, but the girls are getting softer and prettier.

Last time I updated I had noticed I had some dry scabbing on my left nipple, I ended up using Aquaphor on it a couple times and it healed overnight :)

Out of curiosity last week, I went and tried on bras for fun, I tried on 34Ds and they didn't fit, the cup was too small. From the side view I could see that I have way too much dropping and fluffing to go - I could tell in the bra, that I was still sitting up pretty high in the upper pole. I also noticed that 34D was hard to find in the store I was at - and I didn't find any 34DD's or DDD's or anything bigger in a 34 band. I was measured to have a 34 band at VS, but I will also get measured at Nordstrom someday, as I hear they are much better at bra fitting. I am likely going to be much bigger once the girls settle. I didn't buy any bras, I was just curious and eager to see myself in something other than sports bras :)

8 Weeks Post-op Today! New Pictures

I am 8 weeks post-op today and still working on dropping and fluffing. I am posting pictures I took this morning. Not much to report, I have my 2 month post-op appointment this Tuesday, hopefully my doctor will allow me to return to upper body workouts. I have been restricted to lower body workouts for weeks now and I am soooo ready to be able to whatever I want when I am working out.
Dr. Dorner

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