22 Years Old, No Kids, 34B 5'3 130lbs - Columbus, OH

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I was always one of the girls who had a smaller...

I was always one of the girls who had a smaller chest compared to girls my age. I considered saline implants when I was 18 going into my first semester of college out of high school, but I needed a MacBook, new clothes, shoes, stuff for my dorm, etc.. So I was not able to get them due to financing. I am totally against using credit (for myself) to get any procedure done. I will not get something done unless it can be paid for in full. That has been very, very important to me, thus delaying the process. I've never been self conscious about my chest, but I always knew I wanted an "adjustment." After graduating from high school, going to college, and joining the military, my weight had fluctuated between 120-145. I am 5'3", so 145 pounds is lot of weight for my frame. After gaining weight and losing it, my boobs were definitely not the same. I was always rather small(er), so when I gained weight, I also got stretch marks on my boobs. Obviously now that I've lost most of it, they are not as noticeable. So with the weight gain and loss, I decided that I definitely want to go through with the procedure because of how they look and feel now. I used to work with a girl who had TWO breast augmentations. The first procedure, she didn't listen to her doctor and went too big. The second procedure, her results were/are AMAZING. She went to the same surgeon for both procedures. Another girl we worked with was also curious about getting a breast augmentation. A few months later, she went to the same surgeon and had the procedure. Of course, her results were/are AMAZING. At this point, I already had in mind who I wanted to go to for my breast augmentation. About two years have passed, and I finally had my consultation with Dr. Shah (April 18, 2016). Well, actually as I was on my way to my appointment, the nurse practitioner called and said Dr. Shah was unavailable because of an unexpected case at the hospital, so she would do my initial consultation and waive the consultation fee. I was already on my way, so I was a bit aggravated of the timing, but I decided to press on. I made it to the East Broad Street office and everyone was so friendly (and beautiful, seriously). I met with the Nurse Practitioner and she was awesome. She is straight forward and gives her honest opinions, which are very helpful. I showed her the look I want, she recommended an implant size, and Brenna (patient coordinator) brought me different size implants with a bra to try on. We also did a virtual image of different sizes. The Nurse Practitioner recommended 425cc based on my frame and the look I want. From the virtual imaging and implants I used to simulate, I am almost positive that is the size I am going with. They scheduled me with Dr. Shah to meet with him before my surgery on June 13th, and my surgery is scheduled for June 29th. I will post pictures later on.

Virtual Images

Here are two of the virtual images. Left is me currently, middle - 400CC, right - 425CC.

19 days!

I will be having surgery June 29th and I couldn't be more excited. I thought I would upload some preop photos.


Well today was the day! I had surgery around 10:30am. Everything went very smoothly. I got 450cc Mentor HP via inframammary. Can't keep my eyes open because I'm so tired but I'm in no pain! Here are some pics that were taken on the way home and at home.

Unhooked my bra!

Wow! These are huge, but I LOVE them. I am soooo excited! :) I am also VERY bloated!!! As you can see in my last pictures. Dr. Shah and his staff are amazing!

One week!

Exactly one week since my surgery.

3 1/2 month post op!

Here is an update.
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