Lipo (5 Areas), Possible Brazilian Butt Lift Post Abdominoplasty/Breast Augmentation - Columbia, SC

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In October of 2014, I had a breast...

In October of 2014, I had a breast reduction/augmentation. My result was very natural with minimal asymmetry. Eight months later I underwent an abdominoplasty and was not completely pleased with the end result. Due to the nature of an abdominoplasty and not being able to lipo the bottom area of the abdomen, I was left with a nice "pooch" of fat. After much thought, I feel that I would benefit from lipo of the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, flanks, back (bra-line) rolls, and arms/underarms to possibly use the fat to transfer to my buttock area to create a more pronouced, round, "bubble butt." I have an imagine in my head of how I would like the end result to look. However, I'm not sure how to display this to the surgeon I've talked with? I've spent so much money and time on my body thus far and I would hate to spend even more just to be disappointed again. My ideal image is that of a very pronounced hour glass shape, with a round buttock and smaller arms. I've often seen the images of Dr. Duran's "doll" that she creates on this website and love it. Would any of this be possible with my body type? Also, what is the typical/average price for lipo of the magnitude and fat transfer, AND what is the expected down time? **Below are pictures of myself and what I would hope to achieve in the future. Thanks :)

Also, I'm considering Lipo of the neck/chin for a slimmer face line. :) Suggestions please?

Wish pictures

Maybe oneway?
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