I Would Rather Sleep in a Cardboard Box Than Give Up Botox! - Columbia, MO

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Seriously - I love that stuff but it is more...

Seriously - I love that stuff but it is more addictive than drugs, lol.

I've been doing botox to the glabella (between the eyebrows) area every 5 months for about 2 years now. Even though I am only 28, I have always made "the angry face" every time I concentrate to read, watch TV, write, or anything else that requires concentration. At 26 I was already starting to form 2 deep vertical lines there - holy crap, I am not an angry person, I don't want to look like one!!!

So - hello Botox! Some might criticise me for starting this young but I think the best weapon against wrinkles is prevention. If I don't allow those muscles to contract, I can't form wrinkles there, simple as that. Now, I am starting to form fine lines in other places, and that's ok, I am fine with aging, I just don't want to look angry 24/7, that's all.

So, long story short - if you find a good doctor - it is totally worth it but beware - once you start, you just can't stop, it's addictive! :)

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