Entirely Pleased with the Invisalign Results

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At the outset, my dentist estimated my total...

At the outset, my dentist estimated my total Invisalign process would be approximately 1 year; however, at 10 months I'm at the end. I had a top over-bite and crowding on the bottom that needed correcting.

My program entailed 17 trays for the top and 21 trays for the bottom. I did endure a constant dull head ache throughout the process but taking a couple tylenol prior to switching out the trays really took care of anything worse. (I learned that from prior reviews; many thanks for passing that hint along.) Wearing the trays posed very little problems. Yes, they created a slight lisp when talking but I quickly over came it. My major problem was dealing with dry mouth and chapped lips. I don't why this occurred but keeping lip balm on hand sure does help.

The over-bite was noticeably reduced with each tray; gaps between my teeth disappeared leaving me a result better than I envisioned. I didn't think that my bottom crowding was that severe and would have thought that correcting it would be faster than the top. This was not the case. I thought the correcting process was going take more than the predetermined 21 trays, but the crowding disappeared with the last 4 trays.

I am totally sold on the Invisalign process as the way to go for adults. No fuss . . . no muss. I know others have experienced some problems but my dentist made it smooth sailing all the way.

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My dentist was on target every step of the way! There were no surprises.

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