Butt Implants- Colombia/ South America - Anyone Want to Go with Me?

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After consulting around, I've decided to look into...

After consulting around, I've decided to look into Columbia. I think the results look great and it's way more affordable. I've already dropped a ton of $$$$ for my breast implants and for other procedures so, I didn't want to dish out another $13k+ for butt implants in the U.S. that were hard and not as large.
I noticed that the Columbian doctors seem to know better butt anatomy to fit your size anyways.

I'll be going in April or May of 2017 since I just had my breasts done or maybe even sooner once I get the "okay" from my surgeon that I can get more surgery.

Wanted to know if anyone would like to go with me? We can help each other out and stay at the same Airbnb, etc. I've seen the recovery for this type of surgery and it's not easy so, it would be great to have support with someone that's going through the same thing.

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