Had Liposonix 4 Weeks Ago - Tummy and Love Handles - Colorado Springs, CO

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I had the procedure done about 4 weeks ago. The...

I had the procedure done about 4 weeks ago. The stomach was done at 60 and minimal pain. The love handles were at 50 and hard to get through. Having an ice pack placed on your stomach to divert the pain really works and helped. I did have pain killer but not sure what it was. I'm thinking it was like a tylenol 3.

I had bruising pretty much all over and swelling. There was pain but nothing serious. I wasn't able to run for about 3.5 weeks because the jiggle of running hurt. I do massage the area at night and I did have itching - especially on the love handles.

I have tried really hard to keep my diet the same and exercise level the same so that I can see how much I've lost at the 8 week mark. I think I will need the full 12 weeks just because of my age (53).

I do see more cellulite on my tummy and can't wait to start situps. Before I felt there was so much fat there I couldn't even feel like toning up that area. Now I know I've lost fat and it just feels easier to work those muscles. Clothes do fit better too.

When I look at myself straight on in the mirror I don't see much change but when I look sideways I see a lot of nothin ... lol. The lady who did my procedure lost 3 inches.

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