53 Yr Old, 155 Lbs, 5'3" 38DDD Really Scared but Excited for Improvement - Colorado Springs, CO

Looking for great PS in Colorado Spgs CO. Ive...

Looking for great PS in Colorado Spgs CO. Ive finially decided to pursue getting a BR. Ive been large breasted since middle school and always wished I wasnt. Ive had the typical problems others have but after breaking my back 10 yrs ago the back pain has gotten worse so if I can improve the pain with a BR im ready to try it. I would like to be a C cup and just be able to have less back & shoulder pain & a surgery with no complications.

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20 years after first checking out BR's Ive been approved by my insurance BCBS for a BR. I had two consultations and Ive decided to go with my second PS Dr Liebscher because I felt comfortable with him and he took his time to talk with me and explain the proceedure to me. He wont say Il make you a C cup as cup sizes are so varied but I explained what I would like and he will make me appropriate for my body size. I am scheduled for surgery on Oct 31st and know excited and scared are pretty normal feelings but I pray Im making the right choice. Im not good at keeping up on computers but I have found so much information and strength from the women on this site. Thank you all, I will try to keep in touch.
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