Breast Lift W/ Augmentation (40 Y.o.)

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I wish I had ran into this website prior from me...

I wish I had ran into this website prior from me having my procedure (breast lift w/ breast implants). Though I have done my research and have used a surgeon that two close of my friends have used.

I have just turned 40yo this year, but was very unhappy w/ my body. I have had the idea to have breast implants a while back, but finally after carefully budgeting I was able to.

I have no regrets having the procedure done. Even though I did have a complication 3 days post op. I had a hematoma in the left breast. I did have to go back to the OR to have it drained. Of course they always say it's your body and you'll know if something is wrong. It just happened to be that I'm in the medical field and knew the signs/symptoms, that prompted me to call the surgeon's office (after hours).

Plus I had two great friends that I consider my surgeon's walking billboard, that were my greatest support before and afer surgery. They told me their experiences during their healing period. Of course I know that no one heals the same way, but just to hear their stories and experiences helped me big time. It helped me know what to expect.

I just would like to let others know that prior to having such a life changing to procedure that there would be possible complications after surgery. That's what I had in the back of my mind and accepted it that it would happen to me.

Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

My doctor/surgeon is very conservative and honest. My doctor told me why I had to have my procedure vs just implants only. He also showed me why, physically and diagram/pictures.

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