1 Year of Being Disfigured Due to an Infection in One Breast Implant - Colorado Springs, CO

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This time last year I went in for a tummy tuck and...

This time last year I went in for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Right after I had the stitches taken out I had some drainage from my right scar. We later found out that I had infection and had to remove the right implant. We decided to let the wound heal from the inside out and ended up having to excise the scar, worse came to worse and I had to be connected to a wound vac for over 3 months. Now its finally all the way healed and in about a month we will be ready to replace the implant.

The issue I have now is my doctor is fearful that history will repeat itself and he is concered about opening the old scars and wants to put the new implant over the muscle and my left breast implant is under the muscle. I would like some advice on this please help. Will there be a big difference in the way they look?

Updated on Jan 13, 2010
Had to have implant in right breast removed due to infection. PS is wanting to replace it but over the muscle. Will it look ok?

In an already big busted woman, will having one saline implant under the muscle and one saline implant over the muscle look different from each other?

Getting implants was definitley NOT worth it. Its...

Getting implants was definitley NOT worth it. Its been almost a year since my corrective sugery and I do regret it, Im sure I would not feel this way if everything had turned out well from the initial surgery. But from what I have experienced I guess I feel entitled to that almost perfect surgery and it is not even close to perfect.

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He has alot of experience. He and his staff are very kind, friendly, and caring. He has been very good to me through all this.

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